Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maxine Quilt: WIP and Finale!

{Note: if you're new here and want to see the entire WIP, go to Maxine Quilt: The beginning.}

I used up leftover fabrics to create the backing. I first chose the red fabric to be the binding fabric. The reason why I did that is two-fold. 1) It framed the quilt rather well and 2) My mother is a fan of Red Hats Ladies - "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple...With a red hat that doesn't go and doesn't suit me." I thought it is appropriate as that border fabric has a purple hue that does not show up in the pictures.

I then measured all the leftover fabrics. I grabbed some graph paper and started doodling. I loved this process as it used my mind and creativity. Once I had everything down on paper and in my mind, I then took the design to the fabric. Now, that was scary for me because if there was one mistake, it could mess the whole thing up. But, I didn't encounter any problems and was absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Here is a picture of what I drew up before I actually started the cutting and sewing up the backing.

Backing. Completed 12/14/2010

I'll let the pictures tell the story from hereon with a minimal amount of words. At least, I'll try not to get too wordy. Ha!

The one and only time Chessie gets on to investigate

My Loving Husband is Always a Good Assistant

Basting of quilt was done on 12/18/2010

Finished Top. 12/23/2010

Finished Backing. 12/23/2010

All Done!

By the way, My mother LOVED this quilt. I caught her using it the morning before we left town. It did my heart good.

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