Thursday, April 27, 2017

I am a nosy observant person -- this is all part of being deaf and being constantly aware of my surroundings. Plus, I take joy seeing others puttering about taking care of the things they enjoy such as their animals (e.g. chickens) and gardens.

When we first moved here, I was extremely happy to see an older couple that often puttered about on their land behind us. They are “the gardeners” in my mind. I often wished I could see their goats and chickens; but, they are hidden from our view. It always thrills me to see a Billy Goat or two on the rare occasions they are let loose around their house.

This couple is always dressed in a long sleeved shirt and a wide brim hat… until recently. I noticed the lady out and about in her nighty and robe. I would like to think that I am the inspiration for that because I will often go outside with my lounge wear.

I used to worry about going outside in my loungewear (PJ pants and a t-shirt or a sweatsuit in the winter). But now, I just do not care. On the days when I am not feeling well, it is too much effort to change into street clothes and it takes a lot out of me to do this one tiny task. Instead, I will just put on a long-sleeved work shirt (over the t-shirt) and my snake proof boots to take care of my garden and cats. At least, the things I am passionate about will not get neglected.

It pleased and tickled me to see the gardener lady taking care of a few things she cares about in her nighty and robe. There is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you are decent and covered. I imagine she is taking care of her chickens. I even saw her once in the morning getting the burn pile started in her nighty and robe.

I just pray that she is not sick and if she is, she will get well soon. I know all too well how a body can get depressed when you cannot do anything and if you try too hard, you will crash and burn. If I continue to take care of the things I love, I will be okay (in the long run). I hope and pray she will be too and return to her normal self soon. And if she does not, that is okay too as long as she remains active like me.

By the way, I refuse to wear pajamas when I go out and about (e.g. shopping). If I cannot make the effort to get dressed in street clothes, then I am not well enough to go out and about. I refuse to look like the people of Walmart. After all, I still have some standards.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Macro: Unusual White False Dandelion

I was outside with Dan and Abby Gail on April 6th when I spied this unusual white False Dandelion. I believe this is the first one I ever seen and I thought it was very cool.

Here is what the False Dandelions look like. We have a kajillion of them on our land.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Abby Gail and Gracie

Abby Gail:

Dreaming of Herding Cattle? {April 13}

After I took this picture, she started to go across the street. I would not let her as I had the sprinkler going in the garden and I needed to shut it off within a few minutes. (Note. I use a timer. I can be lazy and use sprinklers before 10:00am on Sundays and Thursdays here where I live).

She isn't going outside as much as she used to as I am paranoid after seeing a baby snake on the move. We need to set that brush pile out back afire. She has grown up and matured so much that she does not need as much activity. However, when she does, she does. In other words, she goes nuts.

She made me think of Sheldon's lullaby from the Big Bang Theory TV series:

Soft kitty, warm kitty,
little ball of fur

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
purr, purr, purr.

And yes, she lays on me like this all the time.


{April 17}

She is doing well after a long struggle with skin and ear infections. We saw a cat dermatologist and are now attacking her suspected allergies from three possible sides -- food, environmental and flea -- at one time. She is currently free of both the skin and ear infections and will be on medication and the special diet for another five weeks or so. Once past this time, we will start determining what her allergies are by either taking away the special diet or the medication (for environmental allergies). She is much happier, more active and so much more normal these days. She shocked me when I turned around and saw her on the back of this chair.

{April 15}

This was the first time she went without the cone of shame under supervision. She was extremely happy bathing herself. Both Dan and I are pleased that she rarely sought to scratch herself and whenever she did, it was mostly the normal scratching that cats do. And yes, she is missing fur around her face and neck; but, it is growing back slowly and surely.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Easter Visitor

I was outside tending to the garden when out of the corner of my eye I saw this Red Admiral {Vanessa atalanta} butterfly walking on the dirt towards me. He was flapping his wings like a beacon yelling "Hey, do you see me"?

I talked to it for a few seconds and then put my hand down on the ground and he walked onto my finger(s) with a little encouragement. I was more than floored because most butterflies are skittish.

He rested on me for a few minutes. It was both beautiful and ugly. And, so peaceful and brave.

I could not help but think of my Dad. It is a long story; but, butterflies remind me of him.

I think both Dan and I were amazed at this little visitor.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Macro: Moth {Desmia funeralis}

Desmia funeralis

When I first spied this moth, I immediately thought "what a pretty little critter!" However, I discovered it is ugly up close! And, when I researched this moth and found it to be a pest of grapes, I took a disliking to the insect as I am trying to grow grapes not to mention that we have wild grapes too.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Selfies {Beekeeping 101 course} and Some History (with Pictures)

Who Are These People?

We attended a beginner's Beekeeping Course on April 8th. It was a lot of fun for me and a brand new experience for Dan. Due to this class, I think it has helped convinced and encouraged Dan to partner up with me. But first, I want to build some shade for our future beehives as we do not have mature trees on our land. I have given myself 'till next spring (2018) to do all that we need to do to get some hives started.

Here is a little history about me: My Dad was a hobby beekeeper in the 1970s. I've always been fascinated with those bees. And fearless. Dad even took me to a friend of his that helped harvest some honey which was the coolest experience a girl could have. I wanted to own and maintain several hives when I grow up and now that I have space and land to do so, I am determined to have a few.

Dad on the left and my Gram (Viola Mae) on the right. circa 1970s

My Gram (Viola Mae). circa 1970s.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We're Hard at Work in my Studio....

I wanted to show y'all the setup in my studio. I have a craft table that I use for making general crafts and folding laundry on (while watching TV). By the way, we made the table using free plans and it is foldable so that we can put it away if needed. I am going to need to figure out how to raise it up a few inches; but, I am fairly happy with the thing.

Anyway, we turned that craft table into a desk and were hard at work on our tax returns.

But, the reality is....

the cats wanted attention! (I had to resort to using the flash with a faster shutter speed because both of them were too fast.) This is Abby Gail playing with a kick stick. (Dan: "I'm trying to work here!")

And, Gracie wanted attention from Dan.

(In case you do not see her, She is on one of his legs).

FYI: We went out the next day and purchased TurboTax: Premier edition for $25 off. It ended up being worth the cost because it saved us thousands of dollars. No joke! This is the first year we had to deal with stocks and more and we were not confident of our initial efforts. So, my advice would be, when in doubt, seriously invest in TurboTax.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Texas Bluebonnet, White Variation

I was surprised and pleased to see a few white bluebonnets pop up this year as they were not the healthiest variety last year. They still seem a little stunted; but, at least, they are a tad healthier.

Lupinus texansis (Texas Bluebonnet)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Abby Gail Amongst Wilfdflowers

I have already posted these pictures on facebook; but, there are many who are not on facebook with me. So, I am posting them here for everyone to see. Both of these pictures were taken with my camera phone on the same day and both were in our backyard. Abby was pretty much annoyed with me by the time I took the last picture.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Macro: Texas Indian Paintbrush, White Variation

These are not the greatest pictures; but, it was bright and windy. I tried. We had about eight of these white variations this year and all of them were out front by the driveway.

Castilega indivisa (Texas Indian Paintbrush)