Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Few Words

Much has been happening in the last few weeks that caused me to do a blogging break. I am still more or less on a blogging break because I am focusing on life at the moment. I will write and post pictures whenever I find the time and inclination to do so as blogging can be time consuming.
  • Health

    I still have health issues that give me grief from time to time. Most of the time, I think I am getting better and then wham, I get sick. But honestly, I think the episodes are getting farther apart. At least, I feel like I am able to accomplish more these days. Also, I accidentally discover that nitrates can bring on migraines BIG time for me! So, in addition to avoiding HFCS and MSG, I am seeking to avoid nitrates. Ugh!

  • Mother

    Dan and I went to see Mother for her birthday the first weekend of March. While traveling to see her, we got a message that she was being sent to the hospital. She had a severe infection among other issues and her dementia seemed worse. We went straight to the hospital. She knew who we were. However, it was humorous to hear that she said we were from Canada!

    We split our time with one of my brothers and his family and with Mother at the hospital. She was released four or five days later and went straight into hospice care. The final stage of her life. I grieve in my own way.

  • Currrent Odd Desire

    For some odd reason, I want to learn how to dance. Why? Mother has always wanted to go to a ball; but, never got the chance. Years ago, she once mentioned that she wanted all of us to dress up in tuxes and ball gowns and dance at her funeral. At that time, I was shocked and said I would not do such a thing. I told her that I might dress up but there was no way I was going to dance at her grave.

    As time passed, I realized that she was trying to tell me that she wanted us to live and enjoy the littlest and biggest things in life at least once. So, even though I am not big on dancing and have no desire to go to a ball, I think I would like to learn how to dance (a waltz).

  • {Lemon Tree}

  • Spring

    Spring is officially here. Well, we are under a cold spell at the moment. I am very glad our apple (Granny Smith and Dorsett Golden) and lemon trees that we purchased last weekend are in the ground. I insisted on staking a space where the garden shed and chicken house will go before planting the trees. I wanted the trees to shade the chicken house in the future; so, we needed to do a little figuring and plotting before planting the trees. It was extremely windy while we did this; so, I nearly froze to death. I had to wear modified ear muffs because my ears hurt so bad from the biting cold winds. I am so glad I (we) staked everything because I can now envision what I would all look like on the land.

    Anyway, the trees would do better in the ground instead of pots as it is going down near freezing temps in the night. I also planted Rosemary, which I originally thought were Lavender. Sheesh. They look so similar that I am not surprised I made that mistake. Anyway, when we were at a Home Depot this past weekend, I found Lavender and purchased a few pots. So, we now have Rosemary and Lavender planted along the back of the house.

  • We also bought some wood to build a 4 x 8 plant bed last weekend. We are going to build them one at a time when we have the inclination to work on the project. The bed itself is made; but, we need to get topsoil to fill in the bed and put down some hardware cloth just in case we do have moles and whatnot. Personally, I think the hills of sand/dirt I see popping up from time to time are from weird beetles in the ground. But, it does not hurt to be safe than sorry. I am getting excited about this current endeavor; but, to be honest, I have not thought much about what to grow in this first bed. It is how I have dealt with life lately – one thing at a time. And, when that is done move onto the next step. So, when the bed is finished, I will then think about what to plant in there. After all, at the rate I work, it may not even get done until fall. Ha!

  • House

    The work on the house is going slowly; but, it is getting done. I wish I could help; but, I am extremely scared of power tools and I have no patience for painting. Dan is a much better painter than I. He gets it on right the first time. Moi? I tend to make a mess! Anyway, the work could get done quicker if Dan worked in the evenings; but, there is no rush and honestly, I rather he rest in the evenings after he has worked (for a living) all day. So, weekends are the only time work is being done on the house. Dan would buy stuff he needs for the weekend on Fridays before coming home from work. This way the cost of supplies is spread out over time.

    The casings on the doors and windows in both the hallway and den are finished. The baseboards are being put down at the moment. I am going behind him filling in holes with wood putty. He has taught me how to sand them once dried. So, I will be doing that also. I am real pleased with how they are looking at the moment. When the casings and baseboards are done, Dan will do the caulking. And then, we will paint and touch up.

    We will move onto the office when the hallway and the den is completed as it is more or less unpacked. Dan just needs to decide on colors. When I first asked Dan what color he wanted for the walls, he immediately said Red as in the classic Ford Mustang red, white and blue colors. I was shocked. Bright Red walls? Ugh! I had thought it would be green because that is his favorite color. Since it is his room, I am trying not to interfere; but, I may have to get to nagging him in a couple weeks because we should paint the walls before putting up the casings and baseboards.

    I am thinking of moving to the outdoors instead of doing the office. The house needs some minor repair work anyway. I am wanting to paint the house (shutters, porch, siding and trim). I think now is a good time to do this before it gets blazing hot. We have the paint. We just need a few supplies. Also, by doing this first, it would give Dan a little more time concerning the office.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

QuiltCon (Quilt Show), Austin, TX 2/23/2013

Disclaimer: I am still a novice (amateur) photographer; thus, colors may not ring true. Unlike majority of people taking pictures at the show, I did not use the flash. Most quilt shows forbid the use of flash; so, I am practicing taking pictures without the flash. Overall, I think I did rather well.

I'm still on a Blogging Break; but, I finished processing these pictures and wanted to share these asap with my readers. I snapped pictures of quilts that captured my interest. Many of them did not even win a ribbon.

This quilt show is not without its controversy. The guild has one of the most rigid definitions of what they feel constitutes as modern. I honestly believe many quilters who entered the show did not bother to read the guild's definition and thus were crushed by the criticism of the judges. One other controversy lies in the fact that there were only two judges for this show. This is very unusual considering most shows have three or more judges.

Nonetheless, I found the show interesting in spite of the fact that I am not into modern quilts or quilting. I'm more into traditional quilts. Modern quilts can be extremely interesting and/or beautiful. Enjoy the pictures of the quilts and the descriptions following each quilt.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Concerning Anonymous

I have been dealing with tons of Anonymous spam the last several months. Fortunately, Blogger captured all of them and put them into a separate folder until yesterday. Anonymous spammer(s) decided to spam my most recent post. As a result, those comments were posted. I deleted all four of them. Due to this fact, I am forced to disallow anonymous comments from hereon. I apologize for the inconvenience but I just cannot deal with spam 24/7.

By the way, I am still on Blogging Break; but, I hope to return to regular blogging soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Macro Monday {Bluebonnet}

{Participating in Macro Monday and I heart Macro.}

I'm still on a Blogging Break; but, I just had to pop in and show you the first bluebonnet I have seen on our land. I am just thrilled.

Bluebonnet 3/7/2013

{To see a larger image, go here}.

This bluebonnet has opened up more since this day and more bluebonnets have sprouted. And, the rain this past Friday and Saturday should help the wildflowers immensely. The Texas Toad-flax are in abundance on certain parts of the yard. The Phlox (first picture in the link) are now all over the land and the butterflies love them. I am looking forward to seeing many more different wildflowers sprouting.

Spring is here. Finally. Have a wonderful and blessed day!