Thursday, March 21, 2013

QuiltCon (Quilt Show), Austin, TX 2/23/2013

Disclaimer: I am still a novice (amateur) photographer; thus, colors may not ring true. Unlike majority of people taking pictures at the show, I did not use the flash. Most quilt shows forbid the use of flash; so, I am practicing taking pictures without the flash. Overall, I think I did rather well.

I'm still on a Blogging Break; but, I finished processing these pictures and wanted to share these asap with my readers. I snapped pictures of quilts that captured my interest. Many of them did not even win a ribbon.

This quilt show is not without its controversy. The guild has one of the most rigid definitions of what they feel constitutes as modern. I honestly believe many quilters who entered the show did not bother to read the guild's definition and thus were crushed by the criticism of the judges. One other controversy lies in the fact that there were only two judges for this show. This is very unusual considering most shows have three or more judges.

Nonetheless, I found the show interesting in spite of the fact that I am not into modern quilts or quilting. I'm more into traditional quilts. Modern quilts can be extremely interesting and/or beautiful. Enjoy the pictures of the quilts and the descriptions following each quilt.