Friday, July 7, 2017



Due to Photobucket requiring an astronomical fee for hot linking to 3rd party sites (e.g. blogger), I can no longer continue to do this for fun. It's crazy! Their site is having issues. Why should I pay $400 to hotlink? No thank you. So, I'm quitting unless an excellent solution comes up.

At this moment, I have to consider my pictures lost. I do have backups of most of the photos; but, to dig through them all one by one to find the pictures used for blogs is a pain in the you-know-what.

It is way too much work to try to rebuild this blog of mine. I am actually sick at this moment and have been sick for several days. I really don't need to stress over this anymore. So, I'm quitting until an excellent solution comes up

Y'all take care!

Lee Ann

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Believed I Could Fly

I wrote the following essay and its corresponding three rhyming couplets in response to a writing challenge. The essay was finished May 25, 2017 and the rhyming couplets were done on June 1, 2017. Both the essay and rhyming couplets are in my bullet journal and I decided to post them here for posterity sake. The essay did not need a title; but, I adore titles. This essay is based on a true story that happened in my early elementary years. I was seven or eight years old.

Note: I scribbled over my last name in the bullet journal picture. I am sure some of you already figured out what my last name is but still, it makes me feel better blacking it out! I have gone back to my elementary school days to relearn how to write cursive properly. Ha! It looks horrid still. But, it is improving.

I Believed I Could Fly


Lee Ann L.

I observed a pair of barn swallows. They flew so gracefully and fast. They weaved around some porch beams to their nest without making a single mistake. While observing them, it brought forth the memory of when I believed I could fly.

I felt lonely as I looked around watching my classmates playing hopscotch, jump rope and four square. No one ever invited me to play and no one wanted me to join in their games. I felt alone.

I wanted to leave and never return. With a head full of imagination, I proceeded to come up with a game plan. I figured if I could run as fast as I could, faster than I have ever run, I’d be able to take off and fly. And, if I could zigzag through the columns and make it to the very end while running, it would add power to my flight. I would be able to make my escape to Neverland.

So, I finalized my plans and practiced some test runs. I gathered up courage, took off running and ran as fast as I could zigzagging through the columns. I began to feel exhilarated. Faster and faster I ran. My heart soared. I began to fly. I knew I could reach that faraway place where I’d be welcomed.

I stumbled. An out of control fall began. Time slowed down. I tried to regain my equilibrium, careened around the next-to-the-last column and kept on running. I desperately wanted my escape. I believed in my heart if I could make it beyond the last column, I would be able to take flight.

Time slowed down (even more). The last column grew bigger and bigger in my view. No matter how I tried, I could not correct my path. I face planted into the last column bouncing back in recoil. I stood there in utter shock. I lifted up a hand and felt my mouth. I discovered I chipped my right front tooth.

I looked up at the bright blue sky and my heart cried knowing I would never make it to my beloved Neverland.

Rhyming Couplets

Lonely and alone I am.
I thought and sought to scram.

I took off running in a bid to escape.
As fast as I could, my plan is shipshape.

Neverland, I longed and yearned,
In the end, I crashed and burned.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dog Needs a New Home!

Unable to locate owner. So, this dog is now looking for a new home!

Age: estimated between 7 to 9 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Unknown; looks like Golden Retriever, Border Collie and/or Chow in the mix
Size: Currently around 33lbs
Vaccinated: June 6, 2017

This sweet girl came up to us June 4th and is looking for her forever home to live out her golden years. She is shy but friendly. She is need of someone who has patience and would give her love and training in spite of a few issues. She is currently an outdoor dog afraid of thresholds and most likely not housebroken.

We cannot keep her as we travel and go camping. It would not be fair to her to drag her along with us. And, we do not know of anyone who could keep an eye on and feed her while we are away.

Other dogs, cats, kids: Unknown. However, she did seem vastly interested in our cat from a distance – that is as far as we would let it get. And, she seemed timid and/or extremely submissive to the next door’s happy-go-lucky dog.

Current health (6/13): She underwent a medical workup on June 12 which included x-rays. Overall, she is in pretty good health. She has been diagnosed with heartworms which are not severe. She is now on Heartgard Plus. Her lungs are clear and her heart is not enlarged. We will pay for heartworm treatment while under your care.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Let's Dance!

This has been a draft sitting in Blogger just... well, sitting. I'm currently working on something; so, I thought to just go ahead and publish this bit after inserting dates. Enjoy.

I plcked up writing again back in late April (2016) after a long hiatus. This piece was started May 9th (2016). I played with it a few times and then abandoned the effort. It is based on a dream I had of a dog who knew how to dance and how violence tore us apart. I heard music in my mind when I first started writing this. And, in my dream, I saw a dog and me dancing with pure joy.

Please keep in mind that this is just piddling writing (journaling) -- nothing is ever perfect when I write...

We met one day,
feet tangling
to know one another,
to tango, foxtrot.

{Let’s Dance.
Giving Glory to God, Hallelujah.
Let’s Dance!
Rejoicing in the life we have.}

The day came, life dealt a cruel blow
Separated the two of us.
Looked high and low,
Looking high and low,
For one another.

One kept searching,
the other bonded with another.

In accident, a day came
I found you.
And, we came together rejoicing!

{Let’s Dance}

I looked up and realized
sacrifices need to be made
giving up the one I looked for.

It’s only temporary;
God willing.

Both mourned and lived.
Duties performed.
Loving others
until the day and call came
reuniting us once more.

Taking time to grieve losses
Coming together when the other is ready
because life is meant for rejoicing….

{Let’s Dance}