Friday, February 27, 2015

Picture Dump: Wildflowers I

Picture Dump: Wildflowers Ii

I have spotted the first wildflowers this season! Spring is coming! Hurray! In the meantime, here is one last picture dump of wildflowers from last year. Enjoy.

Indian Blanket; 4/24/2014

Sunflower; 4/24/2014

Wild Spiderwort; 4/24/2014

One of these days, I’m going to get the purplish color to shine through.

Unidentified.; 4/24/2014

I know what this is. For the life of me, I just cannot recall the name.

Sensitive Plant {Mimosa pudica}; 4/30/2014

Indian Blanket; 4/30/2014

Unidentified; Mexican Hat?; 5/1/2014

Unidentified; Mexican Hat? With False Dandelion; 5/1/2014

Bluebonnet gone to seed; 5/6/2014

Bluebonnet gone to seed; 5/6/2014

Most likely Coreopsis linifolia {Texas Tickseed}; 5/6/2014

Lazy Daisy; 5/6/2014

Coreopsis basalis {Golden Wave>}; 5/6/2015

I was thrilled to see this flower on our land in addition to the Texas Tickseed. I have memories of our first spring at our first house with the golden wave in our backyard. It was the first and only time we had them there. I do believe we mowed down the backyard too soon. I will need to dig up the picture of me standing among the flowers and post it soon.

{To see a larger image, go here.}

The above three pictures are all from the same plant. I have no clue to its identification. 5/6/2015

Horsemint; 5/23/2015

Horsemint; 5/23/2015

I believe this is a slight aberration in the coloring of this particular plant.

Coreopsis and Morning Glories; 8/6/2014

Rain Lilies; 9/23/2104

These only appear after a decent rain shower.

Morning Glories; 9/28/2014

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a String Thing #80
using Kozy, and Inaura

Completed 2/21/2015

Zendala Dare #97

I work on this when I want to doodle and have no other challenges to do/complete. I am using pencil as I am still learning to draw tangle patterns.

I do not know what the name of the center (border) pattern is. When I wanted something to fill in the center teardrop spaces, I glanced at my fabrics and noticed VeggieTales fabrics with Larry and Bob all over it. I attempted to draw Bob and fell short; but, I still think it is cute. I then picked up one of my Zentangle books and picked Purk to tangle the middle "teardrops". So far, I am liking my work...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cardinal; 1/20/2015

House Finch; 1/21/2015

And yes, that platform feeder is hanging crooked.

A Pair of Loggerhead Shrikes; 1/25/2015

I was outside one day and noticed a bird that looked like a Mockingbird; but, something about the bird puzzled me. I looked through my binoculars and knew immediately that it most likely was not a Mockingbird. When I spied it again while Dan was home, I made him take a look and sure enough, after some research through his phone, Dan discovered it was a Loggerhead Shrike. When our nephew and niece-in-law, who are also birding enthusiasts, came to visit, they confirmed what we had concluded.

Nowadays, when I spy the elusive bird, I immediately know it for what it is. I am unable to explain it; they just have a different behavioral aspect or whatnot that distinguishes them from the Mockingbirds and it only takes a look through the binoculars to confirm my identification.

Meadowlark; 1/27/2015

Note: There are two species of Meadowlarks: Eastern and Western. We are unable to determine which species this (and the others) is. The only way is through their song and I am deaf.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I am late with my post today; but, I was busy this morning. I thought I would go shopping since I do best in the mornings. Now, I am all tired and not quite feeling well. But, I wanted to post a picture of what I made.

It is funny remembering when I first went out to the "hangar" (detached garage) to use the power miter saw. I was determined to use the thing on my own. After all, Dan showed me how to use it and taught me all he could. I just needed to get over my fear of using power tools.

Anyway, I looked for a power switch all the while not touching the saw. I finally reached up and pushed the trigger switch on the handle and it immediate revved up scaring me to death. I was then telling myself, "Calm down. It's okay. There is no need to look for a power switch as it's already on".

I then proceeded to cut up a bunch of leftover yardsticks (from projects in the sewing room) and glued them together. The first step was gluing together a bunch forming the base or bottom of the divider. I let that dry over night and then I cut some more yardsticks to create the box and dividers. I glued those on and left it alone to dry.

It is not perfect. In fact, the OCD person inside of me screams because it is slightly crooked. But, I have to admit that I am quite proud of the result of this project. I did it all from start to finish -- measuring, cutting, gluing, etc., and etc. without help from Dan.

The next one should be better because I plan to use a square to make sure the corners are... well... squared. Yes, I plan to make a few more. Each one will be different fitting a specific need.

Monday, February 16, 2015

It is a gloomy rainy cold morning. The temperatures are dropping. In fact, it dropped 10 degrees in about an hour. The power was out for approximately 40 minutes causing this house to be extremely dark and I had to work by flashlight! Fun and games.

I think and I hope spring is finally on its way. But, it is going to get cold (down to the 30* F) again tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be the last extreme cold spell because I am anxious to start planting my spring garden.

In the meantime, I decided to look through some old unprocessed pictures (oldest to newest) and found this cute critter.

Daring Spider; 4/21/2014

I miss seeing spiders hereabouts. I am still watching out for Charlotte's babies. I do not know when they will emerge or already have emerged from their egg sac. I read that they overwinter in the sac and emerge in the springtime. So, I have been keeping an eye out for them.

I heard that winter is hitting hard in some areas of USA. Stay safe. And, stay warm.

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