Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Few Words II

This is just a small update. I may return to blogging in May. In the meantime, I am doing well and have kept myself busy. I got really sick once and I was frustrated with several things causing me to want to give up on life; so, I called a break on most things online including blogging.

  • Health

    I mentioned in my last post that I accidentally discovered nitrates triggering migraines; so, I tried eliminating them from my diet. I have been steadily improving ever since. I have not had a migraine in approximately three weeks now. All I have had were low-grade headaches. What is amazing to me is that I have been steadily feeling better and I am able to accomplish more these days. I am still not 100%; but hey, I am happy being 70 or 80% these days! I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. It is amazing to think that nitrates affected me that badly. So, no more ham and such unless they are nitrate free. There is some delicious bacon that I can have that is preservative and nitrate free and I am extremely thankful because I do love me some bacon. Ha!

  • Home (House)

    Dan has steadily working on putting down baseboards and shoe base. He only has a little left in the den to do and then we move onto caulking and touchup. We will then move onto the exterior of the house before doing the bedrooms.

    I have been steadily unpacking boxes in what would eventually be the guest/gaming/exercise room. But, for right now, it is my sewing room until we get the garage conversion done. While unpacking, I have dreamed up plans to convert one of the closets into something functional I can temporarily use. As a result, I dragged Dan to Habitat for Humanity Restore to look for a few things. We found another solid door for $13 which will be used when the garage conversion is completed. I am thrilled with that purchase. I looked through used countertops and found one that would work for $15. I also looked for some things to set the countertop on; but, I will have to build something with Dan’s help. I plan on taking before and after pictures of the work being done in the closet.

  • Spring

    This place is like a little bit of heaven to me. I let the cats out every morning and it is just teaming with life out there. We have hummingbirds visiting us daily. And, I have seen house finches, swallows, a pair of gorgeous scissortails and some red winged black birds. Wildflowers are all over the land. The bluebonnets are still around; but, most have gone to seed. We have only seen a few paintbrushes. I am hoping to see more next year. There are thousands of false dandelions all over the land. Some sunflowers have recently sprouted and I call them happy faces. We also have what I believe are milkweeds. As a result, I am hoping to see some Monarchs (butterflies). Speaking of Monarchs, I am seeing plenty of butterflies fluttering about and bees too!

    The weather has been very unusual here in Texas this year. It got so warm that I pulled out my shorts. This is typical of Texas where we live. We have a very short spring and then it is summer (blazing hot) for seven, eight or nine months. Yesterday morning, while the cats were out exploring, I noticed a wall of dangerous clouds in the distance coming our way. So, I went outside to keep an eye on the situation. It was interesting watching the storm system get closer and closer; but, I was shocked with the temperature suddenly dropped about 15 degrees and the wind became fierce. I was immediately chilled to the bone. I had to dig out some warmer clothes! So, we are currently having a short winter in spring. The temperatures should return to normal early next week (90s F).

  • Gardening

    I have had two wonderful weekends of feeling rather well and accomplished a lot with Dan’s help. I was sad when each weekend ended. We purchased topsoil one weekend and filled in the garden bed. The following weekend, we purchased some plants. We currently have strawberries, three different herbs and some bell peppers planted in the garden bed. I have three different kinds of potatoes planted in a special tall pot. I also planted some Marigolds in the middle of the garden bed in hopes it will keep some pests away. And, I planted some seeds in a special little greenhouse. I am hoping to have carrots, peas, and cucumbers. We shall see if they sprout. If they do, I will transplant them into the garden bed.

    The new trees we planted are doing very well. The Granny Smith is actually thriving and blooming. The Dexter Golden is slowly getting in new leaves. The lemon tree/bush is also doing well. All of the plants that I have planted several weeks ago, with the exception of a lavender plant, are doing well. I am pleased with my efforts. I just hope this summer will not be so harsh; but, knowing where we live, it most likely will be a tough summer. But, I am planning on pampering every single one of them plants.