Monday, November 28, 2016

Macros: Spiders

The below pictures were taken on a very windy day when it (the spider) was not so shy.

I believe this is an Western Spotted OrbWeaver spider {Neoscona oaxacensis}.

I have never seen this one hereabouts until now. At least, none that hangs around long enough to become big enough for me to take macro pictures. It is a very tiny spider. The body of this one is probably slightly bigger than 1/4 inch. The web seems large for such a tiny thing and its strands are practically invisible to the naked eye. The web also seems very messy compared to the writing spider (mentioned further down this post).

Writing Spider {Argiope aurantia}
(Other common names: yellow garden spider, black and yellow garden spider, golden garden spider, corn spider, and McKinley spider.)

Speaking of spiders, We had a plague of ordinary garden spiders around the house last year. However, we only had three this year and only one of them successfully mated and formed egg sacs (three in all). She lived practically under our patio roof and in harmony with a huge wasp nest that hung off a wire. The picture above is after she had laid her second egg sac. I figured it'd be her last. Nope. She wandered off and laid a third one several days later. She left her third egg sac after about three days and died several days later without spinning a new final web.

Banded Garden Spider {Argiope trifasciata}

I was missing the banded garden spiders this year. While out and about with Abby Gail, I discovered one on the other side of the garage. It pleased me to see the critter. I was kind of mean to the spider as I kept shaking her web in order to wake her up to get some decent pictures.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! (USA Holiday)

I will be taking a break for just over a week. If I get back to blogging when the holiday is over, great! If not, that is okay too. I am currently experiencing problems uploading pictures to my photo hosting site which makes blogging extremely frustrating. I hope the site has resolved the issues when I get back.

For those of you who celebrate this holiday, I hope you will have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordy Wednesday {Lunacy}

I am a HUGE Field Notes fan. There are other memo books such as moleskine and Rhodia that many people love. I like Field Notes for their size and simplicity not to mention they are made in America. (moleskine is made in Italy whereas Rhodia is French). These memo books also seem to take my abuse in my travels which is a huge plus as many fall apart on me.

A package arrived recently that thrilled me to no end.

The set of four black memo books is called Lunacy. (I received two sets.) I absolutely love these books as they remind me of my dad who worked for NASA and loved all things space. My oldest nephew recently interned at NASA and I think Dad would have been absolutely thrilled that a grandson worked there.

FYI: The brown memo books are standard typical memo books that comes with every shipment.

FYI 2: I have nothing against moleskine or Rhodia as both also make good books. I just wish to support good quality products made in the land I was born, raised and currently reside in which is America.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Macro: Long-tailed Skipper {Urbanus proteus}

As mentioned in a previous Macro post, I have a HUGE butterfly bush. On October 29, I spotted a very unusual butterfly fluttering about and grabbed my camera. It turned out to be a Long-Tailed Skipper.

Macros: White-striped Longtail {Chiodes albofasciatus}

As mentioned in a previous Macro post, I have a HUGE butterfly bush. These pictures were shot on October 30, 2016. Much to my surprise, It is not the same species as the one shot the day before. It was hard to get a good picture because it was constantly moving. This is a White-striped Longtail butterfly.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Feline Friday {Cats Stealing Chairs}

I was sitting in the nice chair (on the right). When I left to go do something and returned, I discovered Abby Gail has stolen the chair. I pushed her back and then sat down on the other chair. I left once again to do something and returned to find Gracie in the other chair! I sputtered, fussed and then laughed! I gave in and let them have the chairs while I worked on something else. I did not really need to be on the computer.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wordy Wednesday {Interference}

This brat snuck onto my work while I was in briefly in another room. Oh well, it was time for me eat lunch anyway.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Macros: Gulf Fritillary {Agraulis vanillae}

I have a HUGE butterfly bush I planted years ago. It was loaded with a variety of butterflies recently. Abby Gail loves to roost underneath the bush and watch them flutter about. It is as if she has her own butterfly zoo and will often make a beeline for the bush when let outdoors. She's fairly good about not attacking them and even go so far and to approach slowly, stretch out her neck and sniff them out of curiosity.

The pictures don't quite do justice as the whites of the undersides of the wings shimmer when the light shines upon them just right.

{All pictures shown shot on October 30, 2016}

Gulf Fritillary