Friday, June 9, 2017

Let's Dance!

This has been a draft sitting in Blogger just... well, sitting. I'm currently working on something; so, I thought to just go ahead and publish this bit after inserting dates. Enjoy.

I plcked up writing again back in late April (2016) after a long hiatus. This piece was started May 9th (2016). I played with it a few times and then abandoned the effort. It is based on a dream I had of a dog who knew how to dance and how violence tore us apart. I heard music in my mind when I first started writing this. And, in my dream, I saw a dog and me dancing with pure joy.

Please keep in mind that this is just piddling writing (journaling) -- nothing is ever perfect when I write...

We met one day,
feet tangling
to know one another,
to tango, foxtrot.

{Let’s Dance.
Giving Glory to God, Hallelujah.
Let’s Dance!
Rejoicing in the life we have.}

The day came, life dealt a cruel blow
Separated the two of us.
Looked high and low,
Looking high and low,
For one another.

One kept searching,
the other bonded with another.

In accident, a day came
I found you.
And, we came together rejoicing!

{Let’s Dance}

I looked up and realized
sacrifices need to be made
giving up the one I looked for.

It’s only temporary;
God willing.

Both mourned and lived.
Duties performed.
Loving others
until the day and call came
reuniting us once more.

Taking time to grieve losses
Coming together when the other is ready
because life is meant for rejoicing….

{Let’s Dance}

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