Friday, February 22, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#22)

Wildflowers from the Phlox family with a Pipevine Swallowtail 2/15/13

I was out with my cats when I saw Swallowtails stopping at these flowers in our yard. There seems to be more of these flying flowers now. I assume this means Spring (Summer) is coming. Hurray!

Junk Shop Finds 2/17/2013

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I had a hankering to go exploring for antique and junk shops nearby. We did not find many; but, there is a nice decent one in Seguin, Texas.. I do not remember the name of the store and I am not sure if we could find the place again. Ha!.

Anyway, we found these items for cheap. I absolutely loved the cat pictures frames. Mostly, I loved the mats with the paw print cutouts. I figured I could leave the existing pictures or replace them with pictures of our own pets. These were $4.50 each which I thought was a decent price. Dan found the book which was $8.00. It is copyrighted 1958 and the comics (drawings) are definitely old – they do not look like the modern Snoopy and Charlie Brown you see today. The china saucer is a little darker than the picture indicates and was $2. All of the items are all positioned on a mirror that Dan spotted and it was $6.00. It is the size of a full-length mirror; but, extremely thick quality glass. I thought it was a bargain considering Wal-Mart cheap full-length mirrors were crap and cost a little more. Dan will be making a frame for the mirror. I have a specific spot in mind for this item.

Overall, I’m real pleased with my haul even though I only found one item I am specifically looking for which was the mirror.

Gracie 2/19/2013

Chessie Begging 2/20/2013

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We give Chessie wet cat food twice a week due to her digestive issues. Dan is the one that usually gives the cats their food in the mornings. Well, he has gotten her to “beg” before he sets the dish down on the floor. Usually, she just sits up and begs like you see dogs do. But, on this morning, I messed up with taking a picture; so, we had to get her to redo the trick. As you can see here, she got impatient, Ha! Anyway, I love this pictures because her coloring shines through.

Chessie 2/21/2013