Friday, February 8, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#20)

I feel like I am losing my touch. I have not been able to take decent pictures for several weeks now. I think it is due to the fact that it is winter time and I have not felt like taking pictures. Hopefully, my desire, and consequently, good pictures shall return soon. In the meantime, here are the pictures that I managed to take this past week.

Meadowlarks 2/1/2013

{To see a larger image, go here.}

I looked out back and discovered some Meadowlarks close to the house and decided to try getting some pictures through the kitchen window with my macro lens. The pictures are not all that great; but, because of these, I am really wanting a telephoto lens! I do have a better picture that I am saving for Macro Monday.

Monster Daring Jumping Spider 2/3/2013

{To see a larger image, go here.}

I was out removing screws from the cheap fencing right beside the driveway while Dan painted some casings for the doorways and windows. Let me tell you, that was hard work. Anyway, I managed to remove a section of the fencing while doing this chore and showed it off to Dan. We both agreed that it is so much better without the fencing. He proceeded to help me remove a tiny section right by the garage and this monster was inside that section of fencing. I mean, it was a MONSTER. I have never seen a daring spider that big. I would estimate that it was over an inch long. I felt bad because we basically destroyed her home in the process. But hey, the fence is going to be gone sooner or later. She better move along and find a new home. By the way, I am assuming it is a female because it was rather large and females are typically larger than males.

Closeup (Macro) of Yellow Wildflower 2/4/2013

Another silly wildflower showed up recently and I decided to try taking a picture or two in spite of the gloomy weather. I believe this may be a scrawny Golden Corydalis.

Blondies 2/5/2013

I meant to take a picture of the blondies I made for Super Bowl Sunday; but, I totally forgot. I decided to take a picture of what we had left today and then they rapidly disappeared. The recipe can be found here.

After the Rain 2/6//2013

It rained on this morning and both my cats loved being out on the back porch in spite of the rain and dampness. I spied this plant with water drops and decided to try taking a picture when the rain stopped. These kind of look like Bluebonnet plants (leaves); but, I do not think they are due to the number of leaves per stem. {I believe Bluebonnets have five whereas these have seven.}