Friday, February 1, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#19)

Newest Bracelet 1/25/2013

I went into the city on this day with Dan and ran errands and even went shopping. I purchased this bracelet for $3.99 at Michaels and am very pleased. The picture does not do it justice. It can be for both formal and casual affairs.

Painting {Living Room} 1/26/2013

We started painting the living room and hallway and finished this project in two days. I never realized the original wall color had a yellowish tint until we painted. It is amazing what a little paint can do to lift your spirits.

Putting Up Casing (Living Room / Hallway} 1/27/2013

Dan started putting up casing between the living room and hallway. Both the kitchen and hallway entrances never had any casings or whatnot. I have always liked the look of casings even when there is no door. He has a lot more to do besides this one – front door, three windows, and the hallway of many doors (eight altogether).

Wedding Sampler Hung 1/28/2013

We hung up the wedding sampler my Mother made and put the china saucers back up in the kitchen. We still have four more “pictures” to hang up and I think the kitchen is done until we do the cabinets (which will be awhile yet).

A Favorite Magazine Arrives in the Mail 1/29/2013

I do not have very many magazine subscriptions (probably four altogether) and this is my current favorite magazine. Can you guess what it is?

Day Two of struggling with Headache bordering on Migraine 1/30/2013

‘Nuff said.

Gracie Hunting Birdies 1/31/2013

This is the only picture I took today. I was in “my” room messing with fabrics (putting them onto bolts) when I spied Gracie swishing her tail like a squirrel does which is very fast and jerky. Whenever she makes this kind of movement with her tail, I know she is either annoyed or excited. I then looked through the window and noticed the birds. So, I went off to get my camera and came back to take some pictures. But, by the time I took this one and only shot, the birds had disappeared.

By the way, Dan and I spied these birds in the fields several days ago and were amazed at how beautiful they are when we used the binoculars. They have yellow front (bellies). I had no clue to what they were; but, Dan managed to identify them with the help of the internet. They are Meadowlarks - most likely the Western Meadowlarks; although, it is a distinct possibility that they are the Eastern Meadowlarks. I am champing on the bit to get a telephoto lens because it would have been awesome to snap some pictures of these birds.