Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

No, no, no! Daaaddddd, Make her Stop. Taking. Pictures!




Ahem. That is what it looks like she is saying as she dislikes the camera. But, she is tolerating it more these days. I finally figured out that it was the noise, not the camera itself, that bugged her. Many sounds can drive her batty and she'll often go running. She cannot stand ripping/tearing of paper, removing tape from a box or package, the sounds going on the laptop, me singing... er... did I say I sing? Scratch that.

By the way, her tongue is barely peeking out. Can't see it? Let me crop and blow it up for you.

There it is!

I wonder if she's secretly blowing a raspberry at me? Hmmm. Makes you wonder. Ha!

She was actually bathing when I snapped this picture.

I hope y'all enjoyed this. I just realized that I post more pictures of Gracie than I do of Chessie. That is only because Gracie is more cooperative and ignores the camera. From hereon, I will endeavor to give Chessie some equal time on this blog. The key word is 'endeavor'. It is difficult taking decent pictures of my big girl. But, I will try.