Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quilty Tuesday: On my Design Wall

I struggled with sinus troubles the last two weeks along with a few other issues which slowed me down. I was feeling pretty good the latter part of last week only to have my sinus troubles return over the weekend. It is not just me having troubles, Dan has had several allergy attacks. Something is in the air giving us grief.

I had a personal goal of getting all the sashing onto this Layer Cake quilt done by a certain date. I failed. However, I am making slow and steady progress from the last time I posted about this project.

I am glad I am taking pictures because without them, I do not think I would see progress and get discouraged. I work on this quilt whenever I am feeling somewhat decent. If I try to work on it while feeling miserable, I would be liable to hurt myself. In fact, I did hurt myself the last time I tried. I scraped the top of my big toe on the sewing cabinet pretty good. Once the pain of that passed, I soldiered on and fortunately, I did not hurt myself again that afternoon.

August 9, 2011

As you can see, I managed to get all the sashing in between blocks and the rows themselves sewn up. I am now working on getting the sashing between rows sewn on. I have the top sashing sewn on. I just need to get the other two sewn on. And then, I can get the rows with sashing sewn together along with the outer sashing. Once that is done, all I will have left is the border and then the creation of the backing. Let's see. Can I get the top done in two weeks? Ha! No promises. But, it's a goal.

I wish I had chosen a calmer fabric for the sashing. But, at the time I bought this fabric, I thought it would work and to be honest, I loved the print. So, I am using it even though it looks like it is going to be one busy quilt.

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