Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictorial Monday: Gracie

All I have picture-wise is cats, cats, and more cats! Currently, it is so hot down here that most of my photographic opportunities are with my cats indoors. So, you have more pictures from the Crazy Cat lady today.

I discovered that Gracie found a new "bed" in our bedroom on August 17th. She looked like a very happy contented kitty. I just had to take a picture. She is the most cooperative subject - the opposite of Chessie.

Two hours later, I saw her doing this and I just had to take another picture.

For some odd reason, I'm liking the first picture over the second more. But, both are pretty good.

And that is all for today. Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting next week.

[Mutters to self, "yeah right, that will happen when the weather begins to cool off."]