Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictorial Monday: Gracie

It has been very hot outside that I have not felt like taking pictures lately. It is suppose to get to 104* for a high from today throughout the rest of this week. That is hot. But, this does not stop my cats from wanting to be outdoors.

Gracie tends to be amusing when I let her outside. She charges out the door, comes to a stop about three feet away and waits for me to follow. She will sit for awhile and then she does this:

She does not want to go back inside. She wants to stay out for as long as she can. I do not know why she wants to go out so badly; but, I speculate it is because of the smell of the outdoors and the sound of the birds (we have lots of birds around the house).

{Taken by Dan with my Camera}

The entrance to the front door is 100% shaded all day long; so, I have no worries about her feet getting burned. Usually, I make her go inside long before she is ready and it is only because I am ready to go in! And, she either throws a tantrum or sprawls herself on the cool tile floor. It all depends on how long I let her stay outside.