Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: Christmas Ornaments

There is another craft that I love to do which is making beaded Christmas ornaments. The sad thing is that we have not been able to put up our big Christmas tree for a very long time - over three years! There is no space for one in this rental house. As a result, I have not worked on very many kits simply because I cannot enjoy them.

I usually order kits from either Herrschners or Mary Maxim. If I see a kit I really love, I will buy it. I know they are usually limited and I might never see the kit again. Because of this mentality, the kits are piling up and I feel like I am one of them hoarders. Ha!

Honestly though, there are only a few things I hoard. Ornament kits is one. Fabrics is another. I do use these items. Eventually.
I really love how this ornament turned out. I got a set of three out of the kit. I am really pleased.

{Note: Pictures were taken by Dan.}

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