Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Week Blogging Break

I am officially taking a blogging break. There is so much I want and need to do.

I am determined to return to my deep cleaning. This means eliminating a lot of things we do not need in our lives by either giving to Goodwill or throwing into the trash. I have the pantry, video & gaming bookcases, office, “linen closet”, bathrooms and the Master bedroom to go through. Yikes!

In addition to all this, I will be taking pictures of at least four items, including an antique sewing machine (not my Grandma’s), to Craigslist.

And, I want to spend time in the sewing/crafting room. I want to finish up at least one project. I have been procrastinating and I don’t know why! I guess I have too much of my mother in me. She too was slow. She had dreams; but, kept putting them off. I do not wish to be like that. It makes me angry at myself when I fall into the trap of a self-destructive mindset. So, I need to recoup, regroup, etc., and etc.

My husband is on call over the Labor Day weekend. This means we either need to stick close to home or be in a place where he can gain easy access to the internet. I am not sure what we will do during that holiday weekend. But, we will try to have fun.

If all goes well, I will return to blogging on September, 13th. I think two weeks is a decent break. Y’all could probably use a break from me too. Ha!

Edited to Add: It is highly likely that I will be returning home to the Houston area tomorrow (by myself). Mother is declining and I wish to be there for her. If this happens, I do not know when I will return.