Friday, August 5, 2011

Link Roundup

Today is short. Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow may never come.
If you have anything to do, Do it now.
~Unknown, from a vintage Cross-Stitch sampler

  • Tin Business Card Holder DIY; Craft

  • Numbered Cubbies DIY; detailed plans (free)
    A Pottery Barn ripoff for cheap

  • Pattern Weights Sewing; Craft
    Made with Yo-Yos. Extremely cute!

  • Confessions of a Lazy Quilter Quilting; Article; List of Transgressions
    Not confessing to anything in particular; but, some of this could be me. :-)

  • How to Survive the Age of Distraction General; paperbacks & e-books
    "What I'm struggling with," he writes, "is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there's something out there that merits my attention."

    I think most of us have this sense today, if we are honest. If you read a book with your laptop thrumming on the other side of the room, it can be like trying to read in the middle of a party, where everyone is shouting to each other. To read, you need to slow down. You need mental silence except for the words. That's getting harder to find.
  • Inoculated Christian; Inspirational
    A lot of people do religion, they do their duty, look the part, talk the talk, and fool everyone (even possibly themselves) into thinking they have the real thing. But it's just a miniscule amount, just the external stuff. And it may effect them a bit, but not much and it doesn't last. And you build up an immunity which prevents you from getting real Christianity, you'll never be ravaged by it.
  • What a 7 Year Old Taught Me About Fame General
    Fame might be a consequence, but don’t do whatever it is you feel called to do, just for fame. That never works out well.

Do not boast about tomorrow,
for you do not know what a day may bring.

Proverbs 27:1