Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I spied this Spiny Orb Weaver spider early in the morning on November 7th at my mother's house. It is also known as "Spinybacked Orbweaver".

When I first spied it, I only saw the belly portion. It was very round and I was curious to see the backside. So, I went around being careful to not disturb the web. I was surprised. It was so strange looking and colorful.

I went back inside the house to tell Dan about it and to grab my camera. We had a lot of fun trying to snap a picture of this tiny strange looking spider. It was challenging because 1) it was extremely tiny and 2) it was breezy which made the web bounce around.

In my research on this spider, I discovered it can also be found with white or tomato red backsides. I would so love to see a red one!

What a strange fascinating looking creature!