Monday, November 29, 2010

More Crazy Cat Lady Pictures

I am rapidly running out of pictorial things to post on Mondays. Subject matters and travels ebbs and flows. And right now, I've hit rock bottom. However, I have my ever present cats as photographic subjects. So, you're getting yet even more pictures of my cats today. I know, I know. You must be getting sick of them! Ha!

{I took all of the following pictures on November 14th.}

Delicious Belly

I have been trying to capture a decent picture of Gracie's belly and finally was able to do so on this day. It's not the greatest picture; so, I plan on to keep trying. Anyway, notice her multicolored fur? It shows up the most on her belly. And, that one back paw is almost a solid cream color. Her backside has a lot of reddish hue. And, I absolute love her front paw. Gracie is a Torbie (tortoiseshell-tabby).

I captured beautiful Chessie later on this same day. I stalked her until she finally just gave up and kept a watchful eye on the camera. She let me take pictures of her. Yay!

Chessie is a Maine Coon. She would have been considered Classic Brown (or Brown Classic). But, the one lone reddish patch between her ears spoiled it for her breeders. Can you see it? As a result, she's considered to be a Brown Patch.

She, along with Calvin (who passed away last year), were my (our) first purebreeds to own. I have always loved Maine Coons and Dan wanted a large cat. We ended up getting Chessie and Calvin at about 12 weeks of age. They were born about a week apart. Chessie is now 13-1/2 years old.

We are not planning on getting anymore purebreed cats unless they are rescues. I've always felt guilty on account of knowing there are many strays and kittens out there in need of homes. So, from hereon, it's going to be rescues, adopts, or strays.

I noticed Gracie laying precariously on a pile of boxes after I was done stalking Chessie. She loves to get up there from time to time and hang out. I realize that this perspective is strange; but, I was trying to capture how she was laying. Notice her feet? Her chin is resting on one of her hind feet and the top of her lone front leg. And, her other hind foot is laying on top of her lone front paw. She often lays like this.

A better perspective of Gracie.

And, there she is on top of the pile of packing boxes that I mentioned. We stored them in the Master bedroom as we know we will have to move again someday. Ignore the mess. Our Master closet is so small that there is hardly any room for robes, jackets and such. So, we use the pile of boxes to put them on. And, of course, the cats love them. Sheesh.

And yes, there have been some tumbles from this precarious perch by BOTH cats. ha!