Monday, November 22, 2010

Special Necklaces

When I first heard my niece was going to have a baby, I wanted to get a special gift just for her. So, I kept an eye out for the one special gift. When I first laid my eyes on this necklace at Kristen's Custom Creations, I knew it was the one.

So, I placed an order. Fortunately, the parents had already chosen a name for their precious little one. It made it all the easier because I wanted to give it to the mother as soon as possible after she had her baby.

When this came in the mail, I was extremely pleased with it. It's petite and delicate looking. And yet, it is strong. I thought it was perfect for the mother.

The baby came on a Sunday. I was thrilled. This meant we could go up there right away and see Lillian. We didn't have to wait. I also gave Lillian's mother her gift that day. I think she liked it.

And, of course, when I spied this item (below) from the same maker on the same day, I had to get it for myself. {Is there any women who goes shopping and NOT get herself something too?}
It was just too cute! I was real pleased with it.

It was just perfect! It conveys how I feel about photography. Pictures, for me, are snapshots of memories.

I always was one those who likes to take pictures at gatherings, events and such; but, I am always a little concerned that people wouldn't like it or understand. I always try to take pictures so that they would want the snapshots too.

If I don't get any pictures, especially when we visit family, It's like a gaping hole in the snapshots of memories. I know. Silly and sad. But, it's so true.

{Photo credits: Dan}