Friday, November 19, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

  • I have a secret: I do not like working with solid color fabrics. *gasp* Yes, I dislike solids. However, I don’t mind fabrics, such as white on white, which reads as solids from a short distance. I believe that these kinds of fabrics are considered “basics”.

  • It appears that Gracie is 100% healed. No more issues and she's eating regular cat food and hasn't suffered any set backs. I don't think she's allergic to certain foods.

  • We'll be going home for Thanksgiving (USA) next week. Well, to one of my brothers. He lives close by my mother; so, we'll be able to feast and visit with her. I am not sure what we'll do after Turkey day.

  • I have been sick. Two days with a migraine/headache and now, I have a sore throat. *sigh*. It’s time to stock up on chicken soup and cough drops w/Echinacea. So, I don’t have much in the way of rambling thoughts because I haven’t taken the time to write. And besides, I'm feeling very melancholic. So, I don't want to write as I don't want to bring people down.

  • Winning Loves:

    A gorgeous mini art quilt

    I’ve been entering into giveaways (Nov 8 through Nov 12) like mad for a book-like magazine, called Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks: volume 2, hoping I could win one. There were over 50 blogs, each were designer(s ) of a block (or more) that made it into the final cut of this magazine, participating in this madness. So, that meant I had 50+ chances to win. But, thousands upon thousands of people were participating in the blog tour; so, my chances of winning were slim.

    The first winning notice I discovered was last Saturday at Maria Michaels Designs. At first, I got all excited and then I realized that it was only for a “Santa Stocking” pattern. Yes, it was a letdown; but, I am happy to be getting a stocking pattern. My Gracie needs a stocking and this may be a solution depending upon whether or not I can modify the design as I don’t really want Santa on the stocking. I don’t mind Christmas tree(s) though. And, I could always make the quicker plainer version of the pattern. :-)

    The second winning notice I discovered was this past Monday that I actually won the magazine at SuzGuzDesigns. You should have seen me. I was yelling and just so excited. Thank goodness God and my cats were the only witnesses. :-) I now don’t have to go out hunting for this ever popular quilting magazine. The first volume sold out so quickly that I never got a physical copy of it. I could get a digital copy; but, I dislike digital magazines; so, I never got one. I guess that means I’m old fashioned. :-) Anyway, I’m absolutely thrilled that I do not need to go out hunting hoping to get a copy before they sell out.
  • Around the Interwebs:

    I Heart Neologisms
    Hilarious winning results of Neologism contest by The Washington Post. Warning: Might be offensive to some people. It was certainly shocking to me in some cases.

    Tool, Toy or Tangent
    Inspirational article about things (such as the internet) that can be a tool, toy or a tangent.

    Stolen Quilt at Festival
    Pass the word along. Hopefully, someone will recognize it and it'll get returned.

    Free Quilting Calculator app
    For quilters who have an iPhone, a descriptive blog post about an app. I don't have one; but, this sounds cool. Word on the street that they will be an app for the Droid too.