Friday, April 29, 2011

Link Roundup

I am very late with this. But, I wanted pictures of the winning prize(s) before posting links to them. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  1. FLIRT Aprons from Purple Bee Designs

  2. {photo credit: Dan}

    Isn't it the cutest thing? I love aprons and have quite a collection of aprons now.

  3. Vintage Upcycled Silverplate Spoon Bracelet

  4. {photo credit: Dan}

    This is the cutest bracelet ever! And, they are recycled from old silverware! How cool is that? I LOVE wearing this bracelet as it fits me rather well and stays put. In other words, it does not go round and round and round on my wrist which can drive me batty.

    {By the way, you can see me wearing it in the picture for the apron too.}

    The maker of these things have a variety of upcycled bracelets in her Etsy shop.

This is a very short list as I was busy with life earlier this week. And, I'll be busy with life again next week.

I hope you all will have a wonderful and blessed weekend!