Thursday, April 14, 2011

17 Years

How in the world has it been 17 years? Wow! It will be 17 years this Saturday and we have known each other for about 20. I find it unbelievable. Where has the time gone?

Dan has been my steady rock throughout the years and I love him so very much. We are not perfect by any means; but, we have survived many trials that would have wrenched many a marriage apart. But, love and commitment towards one another sustained us throughout the rough times.

We normally do not celebrate big on our anniversaries. However, this year is going to be an exception. I snagged a Groupon last year for a free night at a bed and breakfast in the surrounding area. So, we are going away for several days beginning tomorrow. I am so looking forward to going!

Dan created the following video two years ago for our 15th Anniversary. I still enjoy watching it very much from time to time. Some of you have already seen it; but, many of you have not. So, I am sharing it here. Enjoy.