Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Weight Watchers® Alone

I decided at the first of the year to restart Weight Watchers®. I was successful under the old program and maintained my weight for over five years. The one thing I liked about Weight Watchers® is that it is not really a diet; but, a lifestyle change. The emphasis is on eating right. And, you do it all yourself (with support of course). In other words, no meals are done for you. So, you learn while doing.

When Dan lost his job back in 2009, my life slowly went to Helena Handbasket from there and I fell off the bandwagon. When I talked to Dan about rejoining Weight Watchers®, he said he would do it with me. It will help tremendously with Dan coming along for the ride.

I started going to the monthly weigh-ins once again. I do not go to the meetings because I am profoundly deaf and miss too much of what is being discussed. However, I wanted the monthly weigh-ins as an accountability tool. I also wanted the new PointsPlus™ membership kit; but, the two times I went (January and February), they did not have them in stock. So, I did not start the “diet” because I did not have the materials I needed to learn about the new system.

After the last monthly weigh-in in February, I just could not put up with the ladies in charge of the meetings anymore. They are the reason why I originally stopped going when I first moved here and tried to continue doing the weigh-ins. These people are rude towards me and ignore the fact that I am profoundly deaf. They will not pay attention to my request to look at me while talking even though I tell them to do this for me. It makes me feel crappy and it is so frustrating. So, I quit.

I am not going to lie. The ladies are so much nicer, friendlier and helpful where I used to live. It’s no wonder why there are not as many Weight Watchers® meeting places in this city.

Anyway, I decided a few weeks ago that I did not really need the weigh-ins to lose weight on my own. I searched for the PointsPlus™ kits online. I found one on eBay at a bargain. I also found a PointsPlus™ calculator on eBay. They both arrived recently.

I started recording what I have eaten along with their point values this past Monday. I am not stressing over details just yet. I remembered to weigh myself Tuesday morning and put that down in my book too. I was surprised because the last time I weighed myself, I was between 161 and 162 pounds. Tuesday’s weight was 157.2 points. So, I guess I lost a little between then and now. Of course, it helps that I was sick too.

I am barely 5’ 8” and have a small bone frame. All this extra weight on me does not do my body any favors. And, my knees are suffering from the extra poundage. So, I would like to return to about 135 pounds, which means I need to lose 22.2 pounds.

I am starting to read all the materials I obtained to understand the new PointsPlus™ program. The seller of the kit also sent me extra stuff that she no longer wanted. I absolutely love her for sending me those materials. I hope to absorb all that I need to know about the program and really get started on it soon.

A sister-in-law of mine is also doing the Weight Watchers® PointsPlus™ system. So, I am hoping that I can call upon her should I need help if we (Dan and I) fail to understand something in the materials.

Is anyone else doing Weight Watchers® or some other program/diet on their own? If so, how are you doing?