Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disclosure Policy

This interrupts regular bloggy posting to bring you a disclosure policy.

This blogger, me, myself, I and otherwise known as Lee Ann L., has recently discovered that to be in compliant with FTC policy, bloggers need to disclose if they are being paid or compensated in any shape or form. Hence, the following disclosure policy:

  1. This blog was created solely for me, my family and friends, and for those out there in bloggy land that are interested in the things I write about. It is a way for me to share about my life, my thoughts, and my doings in addition to sharing things I find interesting.

  2. I do NOT make any money whatsoever on this blog. And, I do NOT plan on making this blog a money making machine. I started this blog for personal reasons and I intend to keep it purely personal.

  3. Any promotion (or product/book review) I do is of my own making and is of my own opinion. The people or companies that have rights to the item do NOT know me. I am NOT compensated for writing.

  4. Every link on this blog is purely for your information only. In other words, I was NOT paid to put that link on a blog post or this blog.

  5. Please do not confuse any winning items I post about with freebies. Yes, I won that item and it was free. However technically, it’s not the same as being given that item as compensation or to promote it. My winnings are just that: winnings and nothing else. The one sole reason I do post about a winning is I wish to thank those who gave away those item(s). After all, it’s the right thing to do.

  6. If I have missed any pertinent detail, please refer to #1 and #2 above for your references concerning those details.
Thank you for listening to this disclosure announcement. If you have any questions or comments, please email the blogger at dlk3265 {at} gmail {dot} com

This blog may now resume regular programming.