Monday, July 9, 2012

Macro Monday {Weird Insect}

Popping on for another Macro Monday.
I heart Macro.
Your Sunday Best.

While we were unloading the flooring from the truck into the house, Dan suddenly slowed and I fussed at him because the flooring is heavy! He continued on and we dumped the box in the house. He then told me that he saw a weird looking bumblebee. I asked where? And, he showed me. It certainly was weird! And, of course, I grabbed my camera and macro lens. This is the best picture out of all the ones I took.

I am not usually nervous about bugs and insects because I know most are harmless. However, this one made me nervous because I did not know what kind of insect it is. I did not want to get stung, bitten or whatever. We are not sure where the nearest emergency clinic or ER is other than the hospital in a nearby town approximately 20 minutes away. Lord have mercy upon us.

I did some research and tried to identify this creature; but, I had little success. It might be an old Bumblebee that is dying. However, the Bumblebees I am familiar with do not have a yellowish hairy head. Another possibility is a Carpenter bee. But, but, but... Carpenter bees do not have hair on their upper abdomen and this one does. Could it be a honey bee? I don't think so. It was too big (too wide) not to mention that its behavior was not normal for a honey bee.

I accidentally ran across some information about a Robber Fly that mimics Bumblebees. This is a very real possibility considering its behavior. Take a look at the next two subpar pictures:

See the itty bitty insects? A Robber Fly will eat other insects including Bumblebees. Yuck. The behavior of this insect at the time I snapped pictures indicates to me that it might be a Robber Fly. However, all the images I see of a Robber Fly mimicking a Bumblebee does not look like the ones I snapped.

I give up! Let's just say it is an interesting weird insect. Ha!

Edited on 8/29/12 to add: Thanks to the Texas Bumblebees on facebook, I found out exactly what this weird insect is. It's a Solitary Bee!