Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday {Chessie & Gracie}

Gracie   and   Chessie

I was shocked upon discovering these two sharing the love seat. I immediately took a picture with my phone and sent it to Dan. I also grabbed my camera to take this picture.

About an hour later, I discovered them doing this:

Chessie   and   Gracie

This viewpoint is odd; but, it is looking down from behind the love seat. They were together like this for several hours. I am always amazed at the size difference between the two. And yes, Gracie is a full grown cat and is approximately four years old. And no, she is not fat. I'm constantly checking her out and for some odd reason, she just looks fat. She is just fluffy. She does have three layers of fur.

As for Chessie, she is a 15 year old Gentle Giant. In fact, she turned 15 years old on the day I snapped this picture which was June 26th. And, like Gracie, she looks fat; but, she is not. She is actually is on the skinny side for a Maine Coon.