Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: The Boy

I have been exhausted from the work at the house last weekend and then I got sick. I think it's literally exhaustion combined with a weird migraine that made me very sick for several long hours. I finally blacked out sometime early last night. Anyway, as a result, I don't have much in the way for today. But, I do have this:

The Boy

I've been calling this stray/feral cat 'The Boy'. He has come to be very trusting of me because he knows I will not harm or threaten him. Well, when the temps got into the 100s several weeks ago, he camped out on our front stoop during the day because the concrete is cool and never gets any sun. I guess he knew that he was safe there for the duration.

Some time during this hot weather spell, he got badly injured. His left eye was completely closed and he had a very bad sore from eye down the nose. He also got some bad scratches on his neck and a bloody inner ear. I was so worried and concerned for him that I knew he wouldn't be able to hunt or forage on his own. So, after a full day of not leaving the stoop, I broke my cardinal rule and gave him some of Chessie's old cat food. He didn't have a whole lot of enthusiasm in the beginning -- acted like it took a lot for him to just get the energy to eat. I was so worried for him. I was afraid that I was going to end up calling a shelter to come and get him if he was blinded in that one eye.

He stayed on the front stoop for three solid days and started to recover. He became his usual happy self and I was glad to see that his left eye was okay. In other words, he could see. I don't think I am the only one caring for this boy in the neighborhood; but, why did he choose to stay on our front stoop I'll never know.

He is now romping around the neighborhood and I rarely see him these days. It does my heart good to know that he recovered rather nicely. He does visit us from time to time much to our annoyance because The Boy can be very demanding. He does act like a typical house cat wanting attention. By the way, we don't touch him or offer attention in any way other than our voices.

In all honestly, I think he's more a stray than feral because he is not skittish nor does he dart and run away like feral cats. I believe he once belonged to someone; but, because they didn't get him neutered, he got out and started roaming like all unneutered males cats are wont to do. It frustrates me that the mentality of the people here do not want to neuter their pets (both dogs and cats) AND let them roam. It was shocking to me when I first moved here; but, I'm getting used to it in spite of the fact I don't like the mentality. And, when I go for walks, I always carry a BIG stick. Ha!