Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Let's see, what happened since my last Thursday's Thoughts post?
  • We cleared and moved the broken tile from the house to the garage. While Dan took off with the wheelbarrow (to empty it), I would fill up two Home Depot's 5-Gallon buckets. We had a good system going and it was cleared out in no time at all.

  • Speaking of moving tile, I learned how to do something new today that I did not think was possible with my photo editor. What do you think?

Will I have fun doing animated gifs in the future? Ha!
  • We rented a bigger jackhammer to remove the thinset and boy howdy, that thing is powerful! I tried using it once only to have both elbows hurting. And, the floor got gouged several times (by both of us). So, we discussed it for a bit and decided to exchange the jackhammer for a smaller one simply because we did not like the idea of the floor being gouged. This ended up being a very wise decision.

  • After a slow start, we managed to finish removing all the thinset from the floor by Sunday evening. This included clearing and dumping it all in the garage. We were very exhausted and happy it was done.

  • I came down very sick Monday afternoon. I think it was a combination of sheer exhaustion and a migraine that brought me down. I must be getting too old to do this renovation stuff. Ha! Dan wasn't feeling too great himself. He must have had sympathy pains. Ha!

  • I had a nice setup in the den on Tuesday -- a "sick bed". All I did was lay around with Gracie beside me all day watching TV and being on the computer. I did crash and snoozed for about 30 minutes in the afternoon which is so unlike me.

  • I felt much better Wednesday. I had to redo some laundry I started Monday. I also caught up on some other household chores.

  • I have been slowly packing for the move. Speaking of which, Gracie is loving having the boxes back in the house. I discovered her on top of boxes in the hallway. They are stacked three boxes high (approximately 35 inches). I witnessed her getting on top of one Wednesday morning and she gracefully jumped from the floor to the top of box. She is a brave little girl because she had no idea if it was empty, half full or full. She could have had a disaster if it was empty or half full.
  • My "youngest" brother turned 50 yesterday. Happy Birthday Brudder!

  • This makes me feel extremely old. I'm only two years and three months younger than him. I think I just gave away my age. Yes, I am getting old.

  • Piece,