Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordy Wednesday (with Picture)

While we stayed at my brother's house over Thanksgiving, my husband was asked to take some family pictures. Fortunately, he brought most of his camera equipment with him as he had hoped we (meaning Dan and/or I) would get some pictures done. He wanted to practice and get more experience. We never got around to doing what he had in mind; but, he did get to take pictures with my brother's family.

Well, on the morning we were due to leave, we were all around the kitchen table. I said "I am going to go pack now". Apparently Dan muttered something under his breath that I didn't hear. Of course I wouldn't hear it. I'm deaf and read lips. Oh, you didn't know that? Well, now you do.

I would have never known he had said something if it wasn't for my sister-in-law. She heard exactly what he said and turned it all into some fun. She "tattled" on him. He had said something along the lines of "that'll take a couple of hours". I laughed and basically said "no, it won't".

Apparently, Dan thought I brought a lot of clothes with me. Well, a girl has to be prepared! I didn't know what the weather would be like -- cold? cool? warm? hot? Texas weather is so flaky that way. For example, it was very warm on Thanksgiving day -- a t-shirt wearing day. And, then it turned cold overnight. I was wearing long sleeved shirt with a jeans shirt over it the next morning.

Dan has what I call "Yankee blood". He can wear a t-shirt with just a thin long sleeved shirt over it on extremely cold days! So, all he had with him were a few t-shirts and a couple of long-sleeved shirts. I wish I could do that! I didn't even know what I would need. I can't survive cold weather without a thin undershirt underneath a sweatshirt! And, it could have very well been hot or cool weather. Men like Dan just don't understand women like me. Ha!

Anyhow, I had forgotten about what he said and the fun that ensued until I asked him when he was going to work on the pictures of my brother's family. He smiled and said that he wanted to have a little "revenge" first. After he explained to me what he had in mind, I couldn't help but laughed and told him to go for it.

I think he enjoyed doing what he planned and showed me the final work. I laugh so hard!

Here it is in all its glory. Too funny! It's amazing what Photoshop can do.

He had emailed that picture to my sister-in-law with the following:

Here is a special treatment of your Christmas picture. Perhaps, you'll reconsider before getting me into trouble with Lee Ann again hahaha :-)

I'll get the real picture to you in a couple of days

So, there you have it. More of our weird sense of humor. :-)