Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UFO (UnFinished Objects) Challenge

Patchwork Times is having a UFO challenge for 2011. {UFO = Unfinished Objects} She will draw numbers at the beginning of each month. Whatever number is assigned to a UFO, that is what we will work on for that month.

I have three UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that need to be completed. They are:

  1. Dan’s Quilt

    I started this in 1994 or 1995. It is all basted and ready to be quilted. This is actually one of the first I made. I made this while taking my first and only class with the specific purpose to learn how to hand quilt. I just never could decide on how I wanted to quilt it. Well, no more indecision. I’m just going to do it. He’s waited long enough for that thing to be finished.

    I need to: a) Hand quilt and b) Bind it.

  2. Wild Quilt for Single Sofa Bed

    Most of the fabric is cut up; but, they are stored in boxes which are in the guest closet and I can’t get to them at the moment. Ha! I had to stop working on this when I returned to college to finish up my degree which was way back in 2005. I never picked it up again.

    I need to: a) Finish Cutting up the fabrics, b) Sew up the blocks and c) Quilt (machine) and Bind

  3. Scrap Upchuck

    I started this several months ago; but, I put it on hold in favor of finishing up My Mother’s quilt which had priority for Christmas and participating in a Layer Cake quilt along.

    I need to: a) Finish Cutting up the fabrics (this will take a lot of time as I need A LOT more 2.5” squares from the “scraps”), b) Sew up blocks and c) Quilt and Bind it.
Since Dan’s quilt will be hand quilted, that one will take more time than the others to get finished. However, the other UFOs need the remaining fabric cut and the blocks sewn together. So, I’m giving Dan’s quilt equal “time” as the other two UFOs.

Since there are 12 months, I’ve assigned each UFO four numbers.

Dan’s Quilt: 1, 4, 7, 10
Wild Quilt: 2, 5, 8, 11
Scrap Upchuck: 3, 6, 9, 12

Whatever number is drawn for the month, that will be the project I work on. Hopefully, I’ll get these UFOs finished someday. I have a feeling that the Wild Quilt will be done sooner as it’s a smaller quilt than I usually make and if my memory serves me correctly, cutting up the fabric is almost done. If I do get that quilt done sooner, that will be okay – it will leave the remaining assigned numbers (months) blank giving me more opportunity to create new UFOs in the year 2011. Ha!

Actually, I hope I will not create any more UFOs. I do have a few more UFOs that were part of swaps I participated in eons ago; but, I never sewed them up or whatnot. And, to be honest, I do not have the inclination to do them. So, I left them off the list.

One last note: if we find a house to call our own, these UFO dreams will have to be put on hold.

Patchwork Times