Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Some Christmas Decorating

A couple weeks ago, I did a little decorating. We don't have much room for much of anything, including a big tree. But, I took a kitchen table of ours that is shoved against a wall, cleared it off, and used it to arrange a few pathetic Christmas stuff we have.

I took pictures to practice my photography. The Christmas lights I posted on last Wednesday is from our little tree.

That little tree is OLD. It is only 2 feet tall and that is from the base to the tip of the brass angel.

The round snowmen laying on the table in front are placemats. I got them from KOHL's one year at 50% off. In case you don't know it yet, I love snowmen.

The "Santa's House" to the left of the tree is an old childhood advent calendar. I remember that thing being brought out every year and just getting a kick out of opening the windows and the door. Mom gave it to me one year and said that if I didn't take it, she was going to throw it away. Typical sentimental ol' me wouldn't let her throw it away; so, I kept it.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures I took. Enjoy.

{I love snowmen and I love jingle bells; so, this is one of my favorite ornaments for a big tree and I laid him underneath the small tree. He's resting and sleeping. Ha!}

Tree to Cross

We generally don't hang anything on the walls here at this house as we don't want to put more holes in the walls than necessary considering it's a rental. So, I shoved this into my "antique" china cabinet, which is right next to the kitchen table. It fits okay and at least, it is out.

First frame: When you strip away all the tinsel and glitter...
Last frame: ...God's real truth shines through.