Monday, December 13, 2010

Sugar Cookies and a Little Fun (12/5)

We made sugar cookies two weekends ago. Overall, we were very pleased with the outcome.

Even Dan got into decorating them after a bit... The man has serious skills and a steady hand. Mine, on the other hand, were meh. I was one frustrated decorator...

You see this snowman? It's the same one in the bottom left corner of the first picture above. I decorated that one. Isn't it awful?

Oh NOoooo!


The vengeful decorator has struck again!

Let me tell you, this was my first byte of one of the decorated sugar cookies. And oh, it was soooo good even it was badly decorated.

You may be asking why I said "again". Well, some of you family and friends may remember my shenanigans on facebook two years ago when decorating my snowman cake kind of flopped. I have to confess that something devious and mischievious always comes out of me when things don't go my way. And, it happened AGAIN this year. Ha!