Friday, December 10, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations...

...Or lack thereof.

I haven’t been much of a mood to write this week or jot notes. However, I do want to mention that the Crayola Colored Pencils are crap. They do not sharpen well and break easily.

So anyway, without further ado, I’ll just straight to sharing what I’ve won this week and some links I liked. I’ve been on a winning streak lately, haven’t I?

Winning Love:

  1. A fat third bundle (fabric)

  2. ”In the Moonlight” JustRite cling stamp sets. This hasn’t been confirmed as I just found out this morning. Also, there is another Lee Ann who participates in these kinds of giveaways. Although, that comment is so like me! So, I’m fairly confident I’m the Lee Ann who won this.

  3. I was notified via email that I am a winner of a copy of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine. I am actually the third person to be drawn as the first two winners never responded. I already have two copies of this magazine floating around. I won one of them and bought another to give away. I actually bought two to give away and already gave one of them to a friend who I think was thrilled with it. By the way, my crafty sisters-in-law has first dibs on the extra copies of the magazine. If one or both do not want it, I’ll have to figure out what to do with the extras from there.

  4. And, I was notified via email that I’m a winner of a sonic scrubber toilet brush. Bwahahaha!
Linky Love:

Six reasons to let it go. On decluttering.

Bunting Ornament. Or, a pennant ornament. Too stinkin’ cute! I’m thinking I can make these. Maybe. Never worked with polymer clay though. And, it’s thrifty IF it turns out okay. Ha! :-)

101 Block Patterns from 1931. Each one is Free for download in PDF format

Refridgerator Snowmen Magnets Too stinkin’ cute! {Did I just say that TWICE in one post?} Another crafting project…