Monday, December 6, 2010

(A Pictorial Story)

One day, I came out of the house and spied something suspicious on our driveway...


I cautiously go in for a closer look...



What sick animal would leave this behind on our driveway!?!

Ugh! He's holding the poop! Gag...

Ha! They're "Poop Seeds!"

And yes, we're the sick animals who staged this on our driveway for your viewing pleasure. And yes, I sometimes have a sick sense of humor. :-)

Where did these seeds come from anyway ?

Well, Dan came home one day with a bunch of these seeds embedded in his windshield behind/under the wipers on his truck. Apparently, he parks underneath a tree that sheds these "poop seeds" at work. At first, he threw them onto the ground of our driveway. I exclaimed that they look like poop! He smiled and then carefully arranged them into a pile that resembled poop from an animal. I laughed so hard and took it from there.

I have no clue to what kind of tree these came from. But, I do call them "poop seeds". And, I do believe our squirrel loves them because they gradually disappeared within several days.

{Edited to add: Dan did a little research and he thinks they may be from a Texas Mountain Laurel.}