Friday, December 3, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

  • We went to the San Marcos outlets several weekends ago. That place is HUGE and is composed of both Tanger and Premium outlet stores.

    I first got a $50 Tanger gift card for $25. How? Got a coupon via facebook promotion.

    We purchased a 6 QT crock pot (been looking for one for a while) and a Christmas gift with the card plus a little extra. We walked and walked and walked. I also got two dresses, two Yankee candle jars and a green pig piggy bank. I collect cute banks, ceramic mostly. Oh, you did not know that? Well, now you do.

  • Thanksgiving was very quiet; but, also good. It was a little strange because it’s different after all these years. But, change is good, right? I keep telling myself that. The food was delicious and I enjoyed my time with my brother and his family. Mom seems to be doing fine. She had a hard time Thanksgiving Day; but, she seems to be coming to terms with her situation. She certainly was happy with her little tree that my brother and his wife set up for her the day after Thanksgiving. It looked so cute in the corner of her room.

  • Dan and I have decided to not exchange Christmas gifts (with one another) this year. And, we are not putting up a tree again this year. We’re just not in the mood and we lack space for the tree.

  • I’m thinking about changing this up or ditching it altogether. It just seems so boring. I haven’t decided what I’ll do in place of this if I ditch it.

    Edited to clarify: I'm talking about the Fridays posts, Indiscriminate Contemplations (or Random Thoughts).

  • Winning Love:

    Dream Chair Quilts: 7 blocks for Whimsical Wall Hangings
    . This is a link to Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine’s Facebook photo album picturing the winning item and announcing me as the winner. If you can’t access that link, here’s a link to Amazon for the same item that I won: Dream Chair Quilts.