Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I often spoil my kitties. There are moving/packing boxes are underneath the window in the office right beside the desk chair. Our kitties like laying on them being close to me. I threw a towel over the boxes to make them into more comfty beds.

On some days, they want to look out the window and they want the sun. It's very annoying when they paw the blinds not to mention damaging. I finally figured out that placing the blinds gently OVER the boxes makes them happy most of the time.

One day, way back in July, I glanced over and spied Chessie between the blinds sprawled across two boxes and didn't care about the "hump" between the two. She was very happy. And, I thought what an interesting view!

So, I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. An amazing thing was that she didn't care. I think having the blinds between us helped. She could not see the camera fully. I was able to switch between the Macro and regular lenses.

Here she is, in full glory. Even with the two boxes side by side, she was still hanging off. (Notice her hind foot?). Ha! But, she was happy and that is all that matters.