Monday, October 25, 2010

Overgrown Boys Having Fun Go Karting

The company Dan works for lets the team either go out for lunch once a week or build up and save their funds to go out on outings. They chose to save up their funds and go on outings.

The last time, they went to some kind of dude ranch. This time, October 6th, they went go karting. These aren't your average kiddie go karts either. They're propane driven beefed up go karts.

Dan averaged almost 30 miles an hour during this event. So, that means that he was probably going between 35 and 40 mph on the straighter parts of the track. By the way, these karts are capable of going MUCH faster than that - up to 125 mph. Yikes!

These are professionals. They go through the whole rigmarole of the practice, qualifying and actual racing rounds - just like real racers do. They even have a club / league that race once a week or so.

Anyway, Dan wasn't going to be able to take pictures this time around; so, I volunteered. I was excited and yet nervous. This is totally outside my comfort zone AND I don't typically do "sporting" events. My interests usually lies elsewhere.

I showed up a little early to see the track and where I could stand for the best pictures. One of the employees of the track said I could go out into the middle, showed me where most photographers take pictures and then let me loose out there. I was thrilled because I knew that I could get some decent pictures from that position.

It took me awhile to even take a look at the pictures because I was scared to see how they turned out. I finally opened up a couple and was thrilled. Dan took a look at all of them and I watched over his shoulder and was amazed at how well most of them turned out. Dan volunteered to process the pictures and I gladly let him do that.

Here are a few pictures from the event.

And, they're off!

Amazing! I managed to snap a picture that had ALL seven team members in it. Of course, this was in the very beginning of the practice round; but still. I like it!

After the practice round, I went in to see if I could take pictures from a different viewpoint.

These guys were hanging around and getting ready to do the qualifying round. The guy on the far right looks like he's stressed out or has a major headache, huh? Ha!

After the qualifying races, they all gathered to do the real race based upon the results of the qualifying rounds...

The track itself was on a beautiful piece of property.

All in all, I think the guys had a good time. Some of them were competitive while others were there to just have some fun. I think most were pumped up after the final race ended. When they took off in their own real vehicles, they most likely forgot that they weren't racing anymore.

I know my Dan was pumped up on adrenaline. Men! Ha!

He was actually yapping at me when I took this picture. To be honest, I love this picture for some odd reason and made him keep (process) it for me.