Friday, October 22, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

  • I can't decide if I am going to continue doing this. And, if I do continue, I am having trouble deciding on how to do this (e.g. format). And, if I don't continue, what would I replace it with? So anyway...

  • My birthday week was fabulous! I’m going to celebrate my birthday like this (a week) from now on. Try it, it does wonders!

  • My laptop arrived safely at Dell. I discovered a quite a few pictures missing/corrupted on BOTH backup hard drives (HD). Needless to say, I was upset. However, my laptop arrived back home with my data intact on its HD. I quickly saved off the data on the small portable HD. I need to save all that onto the big portable HD.

  • Dell says that my HD is bad. They didn’t specifically say what was wrong with it. But, they sent me a new one. We have 10 days to install the new one and send them the old one back. It (the old one) is working fine at the moment. I think what really is the problem is that I have bad sectors on it. Dan is working on a solution to get the new one installed with a minimum amount of hassle.

  • We’re going to look at more houses tonight – three of them are in the works. I hope the weather clears up before we go – it’s raining here. Blessed rain! I haven’t seen rain for a long time. Anyway, I have hope that we’ll find our new home tonight! Hope, hope, hope!

  • I am seriously thinking about going to the HIQF (Houston International Quilt Festival) and am planning to go. It’d be a short trip home for me/us. We’d leave Friday night, I’d go to the show Saturday (while Dan finds something else to do) and we’d return Sunday afternoon. In the middle of all that, we’d find time to visit my Mother.

  • My mother’s Maxine quilt is coming along slowly. I have finished cutting the fabric, arranged all the blocks, and started sewing the rows together. The arranging of the blocks took forever and it ultimately gave me a headache. But, I finally got it to where it was pleasing to the eye. I currently have three rows sewn together and I’m planning to get the rest finished today.

  • I started another quilting project. This time, it’s cutting 2.5” squares of fabric – tons of them. I am using fabrics that I had set aside to sell or give away – fabrics that I didn’t think I’d ever use. As a result, the itty bitty sewing/guest room is completely trashed! If any of you want to visit and stay awhile, please give me a little advance notice so that I can make a safe path in there to the sleeper sofa bed. Ha!

    So anyway, I currently have two projects – sewing one project and cutting another. It all depends upon my mood on which I am doing at what time.

  • Since I didn’t have my laptop for this week (I used Dan’s), I didn’t save any links. So, I don’t have any links to share this week. But, I am hoping that things have returned to normal now that I have my own machine back again.