Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

The house I really liked bit me! I mentioned on facebook that a house I really liked gave me a really ugly bruise. Well, here's proof.

Last Thursday, about a week ago, we went to look at houses. Yes, we're looking for a house of our own. What fun! Anyway, we really liked the second house we looked at. It was spacious, the Master was downstairs, and it had dual thermostats. However, it had a couple of issues that we're not sure we can live with.

The kitchen had an "island", which had an "overhang". The island had a back splash with bar-like area. Only, it wasn't quite wide enough to be considered a bar. The backside of the island was towards the hallway, breakfast area and living room.

Well, while I was waiting on the guys (Dan and our realtor) talking things over, the island (aka bar) reached out and bit me in the hip area! Actually, I had forgotten about the overhang and leaned into the island to rest on. Talk about pain. It hurt so bad. I told Dan I was going to bruise. And, sure enough, I did.

I wonder if this is an "omen"? My thoughts still return to this house from time to time as I liked it. A Lot. Will I learn real quickly to avoid the overhang? Maybe. I thought I would avoid the molding corner at the bottom of the stairs at our old house; but, time after time, I would be in a hurry and run into it. And, time after time, I would sport a bruise. So, I have my doubts.

The incident happened last Thursday night (9/30) and this picture was taken Sunday night (10/3). I'm still bruised and it still hurts if I bump or touch it. It turned really dark; but, it is finally turning into a sickly shade of green and yellow around the edges, which indicates that it's finally fading.

And now, I'm off. Today is going to be a fun day!