Friday, October 15, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations (Short)

I found out yesterday that I’m a winner! I won some fabric! Woo Hoo! I am absolutely thrilled. Here is the link to the winning post announcement Win Some Wednesday Winners at Twiddletails. I'll post some pictures when they arrive. (Hopefully, I'll have my laptop back by then.)

This is going to be short as I’m still in the midst of celebrating my birthday week. Plus, I don’t have much to share. However, I did want to update you on Gracie and give y’all some Linky Love.

As I mentioned before, Gracie went back to the Animal Hospital Friday for a follow-up. The vet was surprised to see gunk in her ears coming back. Well, duh. Hello? What have we been trying to tell you? Didn’t you believe us? *Takes a deep breath* Sorry for going into a tiny little rant.

So anyway, she took Gracie into the back room to do more testing. We FINALLY have an answer after struggling for MONTHS to get one. She has a bacterial infection. They injected her ears with some kind of wax that had medicine and antibiotics in it. And, we’re to go back for a follow-up to do more testing on her ears to make sure it’s completely gone.

She has been doing fabulously all week! However, I have a feeling that she will need to be treated at least one more time because some of the signs of her problem have shown up yesterday. She started scratching her ears frantically early AM and she still gets problems with her eyes occasionally. We are taking her back for a follow-up sometime this weekend where they will do a recheck on her ears.

Here are several links that I’ve come across since last Friday:

Tuna Can Pincushion Tutorial This is really cool craft! I may have to make something similar only it won’t be with Tuna cans because I’m not a fan of Tuna.

Shut Up {Inspirational} Even though it sounds rude, it’s very true.

And now, I’m off to get ready for my lunch date with Dan. We’re going to Jason’s Deli with my $5.00 coupon that I received for my birthday. :-)