Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordy Wednesday {Texas Sage Bush}

Texas Sage Bush

I am going to miss this bush. It is an evergreen shrub, native to Texas, which is not a true sage. As you can see, this one was left to grow “wild”. This is how we are – just let them be and grow as they please with a minimum of fuss.

I love the beautiful flowers that bloom all over the bush.

And, I love them for attracting the bees...


and more bees.

Bees are a passion of mine. I have always had an interest in them since the days of my youth when my dad kept honeybees. I want to have a couple of hives here on this new land of ours.

Since this plant is native to Texas, maybe we will plant a bush or two here on our own piece of heaven. I am a huge proponent of wildscaping – gardening for wildlife. My main interest lies with the birds, butterflies and bees. However, I do love the other beneficial critters (e.g. lizards) that live off the land. So, I desire to stick to plants and trees that are native to Texas with the exception of the fruit and nut trees.

{All pictures taken on May 26, 2012.}