Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#3)

Dragonfly 10/7/2012

We took a casual walk around the property and Dan spied this little fellow. Of course, I had my camera with me and snapped away.

Chessie 10/8/2012

This is Chessie’s first outing at our new house. She absolutely LOVES this place.

Promenade White Wildflower 10/9/2012

I spied this lone wildflower and it brought back tons of memories. These grew in abundance on the front lawn of my childhood home and I would pick them for Mom. I loved these little flowers.

Neighbor’s Flag Flying High on a Cloudy Day 10/10/2012

The Ugly Duck 10/11/2012

Shot at Brackenridge Park (San Antonio) during Dan’s Company Picnic.

A Colony of Asiatic dayflowers 10/12/2012

These flowers are found all over our property. They tend to wilt in the heat; but, are very colorful in the mornings.

A Birthday Gift {from Dan} 10/13/2012

I fell in love with this some time ago and showed it to Dan. I forgot about it until he gave it to me in the morning. I love it! I should have polished it before taking a picture of this; but, I was rapidly running out of daylight.

Bonus Picture Taken by Dan: Free Birthday Brownie Sundae from Chili’s.