Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#4)

Snout Nose Butterfly 10/14/2012

{To see a larger image, go here.}

While out “walking” Chessie late in the evening, I noticed a lot of these butterflies flittering about and I made Dan go get my camera and managed to snap a couple decent shots. These Snout Nose Butterflies are making their annual migration all over San Antonio – thousands upon thousands of them all heading somewhere in a northerly direction.

Tiny Pink Flower 10/15/2012

I was exploring outside in the morning and noticed this oddly curled petal flower. There were others that did not have curled petals. I am not sure if the flower was just opening or wilting; but, I found it really pretty and interesting.

Alternate view of the same flower:

Note: I could not decide which picture I should use. Dan liked the first and I liked the second. So, I decided to post both. Ha!

A View of some of our Land 10/16/2012

{To see a larger picture, go here.} This is land beside our house that is covered with lovely little yellow wildflowers. This viewpoint will be changing a tad in the future. I am planning to put gardening beds further on up on this spot. That big old brown round thing inside of the fence (near top left in picture) is actually a compost tumbler. This item most likely will be moved to be near the gardening beds. But first, landscaping plans need to be made and ironed out first before lifting a single finger. The white fencing will be done away with in the future as I am not a fan of that kind of fencing. Mold is already forming along one section that is in the front of the house as it is just cheap plastic/vinyl material. There is a section along the driveway that is just plain annoying. We are going to remove the sections of the fencing ourselves and then hire someone to remove the posts. We do what we can ourselves to cut costs.

Sticker Burrs 10/17/2012

{To see a bigger image, go here.}

These Sticker Burr plants are in huge clusters all over our property. We have a huge fight on our hands to get them gone.

Interesting Flowering Grass 10/18/2012

{To see a bigger image, go here.}

I have no clue to what kind of grass/plant this is; but, it sure does have some interesting flowers.

My Darling Brat, Gracie 10/19/2012

I was searching through some jeans and laying them on the bed to determine which ones I wanted to wear. I finally decided on a pair and then left leaving some jeans on the bed to head to an estate sale (which was a huge disappointment as it was more of a rummage sale). When I returned, I discovered my Gracie being a brat lying on a pair of jeans. I had to get the tripod because it was fairly dark in the room. Fortunately, Gracie doesn’t mind noise or the camera. She completely ignored me. After I took the pictures, I fussed at her; but, I pretty much let her sleep. Yes, I spoil her rotten.

Bark Scorpion 10/20/2012

Dan came in from outside and told me there was a Bark Scorpion on the driveway. I was surprised because they are usually not out in the daytime (it was still morning). Apparently, he/she was disturbed and came out of hiding near the detached garage. I quickly grabbed my camera to see if I can finally take some half-way decent pictures of one of these critters. I finally got somewhat decent pictures of a Bark Scorpion.

These things scare me half-to-death. Fortunately, I had on my snake proof boots on (because we were getting ready to mow the land), which made me feel somewhat brave. This one did not even stir. I thought it might be dead. But, Dan got a long thin piece of lumber and touched its tail and it scurried away. These things are lightning quick.

Bonus Picture: Sticker Burr Injury taken by Dan 10/14/2012

Sometimes there is the price to be paid for taking pictures out there on our land. As you already have seen, there are tons of annoying sticker burr plants around the property. I had slapped my leg hard in frustration and one of the “petals” with a kajillion sticker burrs happened to be resting on the leg of my jeans. Yeowch! I screamed bloody murder! Ha! In spite of the pain and immediate evidence of blood, I kept snapping because I wanted to get that one good shot of a Snout Nose butterfly. I counted ten little tiny wounds the next morning.

Photography, especially in nature, can be hazardous to your health. Ha!