Monday, October 29, 2012

Macro Monday {Sticker Burrs}

{Participating in Macro Monday, I heart Macro, and Your Sunday Best.}

Sticker Burrs 10/17/2012.

{To see a larger image, go here.}

I first posted images of clusters of these plants and of being hurt by one of these things in A Week of Pictures (#4).

We have since mowed the yard. My Chessie now has trouble with sticker burrs getting on her paws and her fur. She prefers to roam the back and sides of the house; but, I have been forcing her to go to the front because there were not as many of them out there. We also have to brush her before going back inside. She loves to be brushed; so, no problems in that area. However, she often refuses to go back inside after the brushing because she wants to stay outdoors!