Saturday, October 27, 2012

Link Roundup

  • Scrappy Patchwork Shoelace Tutorial Sewing

    If this really works out like pictured, it’d be cool for kids (and adults like me!).

  • Apple Core Pincushion Sewing

    I would think one can make this without a die cut machine. Just make your own mockup of an apple core and cut out fabric in that shape.

  • Pincushion Ring Crafting
  • Heating Pad Cover Sewing

  • Pin Cushion Tutorial Uses tiny cute wooden frames.
  • Easy Raggedy Yarn Wig Tutorial Cute! I want one! Ha!
  • Ladybug Identification Image
  • How to Stop Those Scandalous Thoughts in Your Head Christian; Inspirational
    You think, “How could I think this? What is the matter with me?” You wonder if you’re a fraud. What would everyone think if they knew? And God does know, what is He thinking? You whisper a quick prayer for forgiveness and carry on with your day…only to have it happen again.

    Here’s the good news: you’re human. This happens to all of us. And as long as we’re on this side of eternity it’s going to continue.

    Those thoughts aren’t you {at least not the real you}. So you don’t need to beat yourself up for them or spend time trying to figure out what in the world is the matter with you and how could you be such a bad person and Sunday School Susie certainly wouldn’t think that and now the day is ruined because you can’t believe what you just thought.