Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#2)

White Spotted Jumping Spider 9/30/2012

This is also known as the Daring Spider. I was finally able to snap a decent picture of one of these guys. These scare me half to death half the time because they will make sudden movements like they are going to attack me. I always scream and then fuss at them. Ha! They don’t spin webs; but, they do jump quite a distance. They are hunters and lightening quick.

After the Rain 10/1/2012

{To see a larger picture, go here.}

It rained steadily for approximately 30 minutes – a very good thing hereabouts.

First Homemade Pizza at the House 10/2/2012

The pepperoni is not our usual brand as I could not find what we like best. So, it was greasier and spicier than usual. Also, the oven is a little weird and It doesn’t cook evenly.

A Beautiful Weed 10/3/2012

{To see a larger picture, go here.}

Gracie sacked out 10/4/2012

On MY computer bag which was on the ottoman.

Garden Spider

{To see a larger image, go here.}

I believe this is a juvenile Western Spotted Orb Weaver. I was walking to the mailbox around 9:00am with my camera on hand. I suddenly spied something moving in a sparse wild bush in our front yard. At first, I thought it was a weird flying insect; but, as I cautiously approached for a closer look, I realized it was a spider. These things are seriously sick (scary) full grown; but, they are harmless. These spiders are very beneficial critters in the yard. So, I leave them alone.

Hiding {Moth} 10/6/2012

{Estigmede Albida is probably the name of this one.}. This beauty was found in the bed of Dan’s truck while we were loading it up with stuff. I found a yardstick and gently persuaded it to get onto the end and then moved him into bushes in a shady spot. I do not think it will survive because it had a damaged wing. But, it was a shy beaut.