Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#1)

NOTE: This is a day late due to the fact that I could not access my photobucket account at our new house. I finally figured how to work around the problem using Firefox. I will soon figure out and fix the problem in Chrome. At least, that is my hope!

I am going to start trying to take a picture a day. I will share those pictures on Sundays. Since the first day of the week is Sundays, the pictures will go from Sunday to Saturday from the previous week. The only exception will be this post as I started over a little over a week ago on Thursday, September 20th.

Some of you have already seen these pictures on facebook. There is a group that challenges people to take a picture a day. Honestly, I have been having fun. Some pictures are just simple snapshots and others are attempts at taking “great” pictures. In all cases, it will be a learning experience for me. At least, I hope to learn from each and every picture I take. At the very least, it helps me relax.

These posts will be written and scheduled well ahead of Sunday. I will only have to add Saturday’s picture to the post some time on Saturdays. At least, that is my plan as I do not want to be taking the time to write and/or blog on the weekends. Weekends, for me, are for my family and the Lord.

Jumping Spider (9/20/2012)

Gracie, my huntress, discovered this critter in our house and yes, it is missing a leg. I believe she is responsible. After I took pictures, I gathered up my courage and rescued the scary thing by taking it to the great outdoors on a business envelope. The thing scared me a couple of times by waving its front legs in the air.

Just a Beautiful Weed (9/21/2012)

Shot at dusk. I waited too long to take pictures; but, it turned out alright. This flower is about 1/2" wide.

Frenemies (9/22/2012)

{Bigger picture here.}

Gracie has taken to lying in my sewing chair and gazing out the window. Well, a neighbor cat decided to stop by on this day. When I discovered them, Gracie was attacking the window with her lone front paw and the next door neighbor's cat would then "attack" back. After a bit, they both laid down and relaxed. I guess they decided to be frenemies.

Millipede (9/23/2012)

(Bigger picture here.}

This critter was a tiny visitor at our new house. It is the first one I ever saw in my life

“This is MY man and don’t YOU forget it” 9/24/2012

Chessie, our 15 year old Maine Coon cat.

The State of Things 9/25/2012

Boxes tossed into a bedroom waiting to be flatten and taken to “the dump” – a recycling dumpster.

Lemons at the Rental House 9/26/2012

{Bigger Picture here.}

I went into the backyard in the morning and much to my surprise, I discovered lemons growing -- first time in four years of living at this rental.

Last Gasp 9/27/12

Packing up the Pantry and Laundry Room.

Dismantled Bed Ready to Sleep One Last Time at the Rental 9/28/12

This is probably the best made bed in ages. Ha! And, oh my goodness, it is very low. The cats, especially elderly Chessie, loves it as they don't have to jump so high.

Broken{hearted} 9/29/2012

The movers broke my sewing machine and cutting table.