Saturday, October 13, 2012

Updates {& Today is my Birthday}


Today is my birthday and we will be spending the morning with Stanley Steemer. Joy. NOT! On the positive side, we should be finished with the rental house today. Hurray! The only minor things we will have to do is cancel utilities and give the keys back and a copy of the receipt to the Landlord next week.

We have moved! We have been officially living in our home for almost a week now. I have been slowly and steadily unpacking and feeling frustration because I am not sure what will go where yet. But, most of the kitchen stuff is unpacked and there is still plenty of space left to use! It is almost half empty! I am even using some upper kitchen cabinets to store candles. If you know my love affair with Yankee candles, then you understand. Ha!

I must say that the last week or so really stunk concerning the internet. The internet choices out here are extremely limited. We are using a AT&T 4G hotspot; but, we have rapidly discovered that our activities eat up gigabytes (GB). And, I even stopped watching new Youtube videos before we moved out here. In spite of my reduction of many things, five gigabytes were reached in a hurry.

Much to my sadness, I have decided to stop following many blogs. And, I have had to limit even more of my activities on the internet. As a result, Link Roundups will be on a limited basis. Also, I am feeling very isolated. I am missing my “friends”. And, I do not know what the heck is going on in the world. It is driving me batty.

You have to understand that deafness prevents me from participating within most real life community activities. I am unable to give voice to my thoughts due to the fact I misunderstand so much of what it being discussed. In fact, I actually fear real life discussions. The discovery of the internet opened up my world to a wide variety of people without fear of being misunderstood. Instead of a world of isolation and silent observation, I became an active participant. There is no fear of misunderstandings through writings. And the biggest perk, there is no rejection and/or impatience on their part due to the fact I am deaf. I would say that 98% of the people I “talk” with do not even know this fact about me.

I can only hope that a solution to this internet problem is found. I am feeling truly isolated and I do not need that deep dark depression in my life again. We have satellite TV. Dan originally did not want satellite internet due to the fact the speed is not all the great. He wants great speed in order to keep on F1 racing on Fridays through the Xbox with the guys from work.

Anyway, I suggested that we get satellite internet for me/us as I will not mind any sluggishness and he can have the AT&T hotspot for those gaming times with the guys. Last I heard, Dan is going to check out the prices and whatnot. So, here is hoping that the current situation improves.

Company is coming over in a couple of weekends. I am so excited and looking forward to the visiting! Of course, I am stressing because the house is still a mess with boxes and whatnot. But, it is okay. They understand that we have just moved and nothing will be perfect. I just need to kick my perfectionist inside of me out to the curb and just relax. However, this does give me the motivation to get as much as I can get done before they arrive. I can only hope they will enjoy their stay with us.

Now, I must be off to celebrate my birthday in style. Or not. Ha!